The Hacker NewsThe Syrian situation is getting worse day by day, the regime is attacking dissident mercilessly meanwhile the world wide community is standing by and watch helplessly stopped by prohibition of military intervention imposed by Russia and China, historical allies of Damascus. Syria regime is fierce against the rebels in the streets as in cyber space, we have already discussed of the persecution of opposition made using spyware to catch the rebels.

Syrian regime is also convinced that leaks from the country on the massacres by the regime might aggravate the position of the government and then several times in the last year the government has stopped internet access in the country thanks to a kill switch.

In this hours it has been registered an unprecedented national internet blackout while the battle with rebels raging in the country and in the capital.

This time the blackout as totally isolated the country blocking also land lines and cellphone networks. On the incident is started a media campaign of disinformation, according Syria State TV the blackout has been caused by technical problems, rebels accuse the regime of censorship meanwhile pro-regime profiles on social media sites blame dissident for the event.
Akamai's industry expertise for Content Delivery has documented the collapse of internet traffic occurred today around 10:30 am.
The primary autonomous system for Syria is the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment; all of their customer networks are currently unreachable.

Reneys security firm reported on blog that few Syrian networks are still connected to the Internet and still hosting Syrian content.

The post states:
"These are five networks that use Syrian-registered IP space, but the originator of the routes is actually Tata Communications. These are potentially offshore, rather than domestic, and perhaps not subject to whatever killswitch was thrown today within Syria. These five offshore survivors include the web servers that were implicated in the delivery of malware targeting Syrian activists in May of this year. "

Another interesting data come from Tor Metrics, Syria country during last month was in the top ten list of countries by directly connecting users, the data indicate the large use of anonymizing network made to avoid the control of the central government.
The Hacker News
What is really bad is that often control and monitoring systems are sold by Western companies to the regimes, as well as malware to prosecute dissidents, the com modification of human lives is regrettable.

It is already happened in Libya and Egypt ... which will be next one?
The Hacker News
Independently from the reason of the communications outage, what is happening in Syria is shameful, the worldwide community must assume responsibility for the death of innocent, in a few minutes I'm going to bed quiet, but someone hundreds of miles away from me has lost his bed, has lost his family and has lost his home ... our indifference scares me! I pray for innocents!

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