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Google Home and Chromecast DOWN? Reboot them to Fix the Glitch

Google Home and Chromecast DOWN? Reboot them to Fix the Glitch

Jun 28, 2018
If your Google Home, Home Mini and/or Google Chromecast streaming stick were not working properly, you are not alone. Google Home, Home Mini, and Chromecast were down globally for many users for several hours, leaving a lot of people with trouble watching TV, controlling smart home gadgets, and listening to music. Yesterday, hundreds of Chromecasts and Home users began complaining about their devices not working properly on both the official "Made by Google" Twitter account and Down Detector. Later, Google confirmed that its Home and Chromecast across the world went down due to an unspecified "issue," and that the company was investigating the issue and working on a solution, but did not provide any kind of explanation about the glitch. The issue appears to be affecting devices that work using Google's Home technology, which is a smart ecosystem that allows users to stream content to devices. "Bug confirmed... We use Chromecast in all our conf
Iran blocks most virtual private network (VPN) services

Iran blocks most virtual private network (VPN) services

Mar 11, 2013
IRAN has spent years fending off cyber attacks, blocking access and isolated their own intranet off from the outside world. Many Iranians was using of virtual private network (VPNs), which provides encrypted links directly to private networks based abroad, to access Sites like YouTube and Facebook after bypassing the country's internet filter. But recently, Iranian authorities have blocked the use of most virtual private network to stop people in the country from circumventing the government's internet filter. A widespread government internet filter prevents Iranians from accessing many sites on the official grounds they are offensive or criminal. Ramezanali Sobhani-Fard, the head of parliament's information and communications technology committee said, " Within the last few days illegal VPN ports in the country have been blocked. Only legal and registered VPNs can from now on be used. " Registered and legal VPN access can still be purchased, but the typical fi
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Syria suffers nationwide communications outage

Syria suffers nationwide communications outage

Nov 30, 2012
The Syrian situation is getting worse day by day, the regime is attacking dissident mercilessly meanwhile the world wide community is standing by and watch helplessly stopped by prohibition of military intervention imposed by Russia and China, historical allies of Damascus. Syria regime is fierce against the rebels in the streets as in cyber space, we have already discussed of the persecution of opposition made using spyware to catch the rebels. Syrian regime is also convinced that leaks from the country on the massacres by the regime might aggravate the position of the government and then several times in the last year the government has stopped internet access in the country thanks to a kill switch. In this hours it has been registered an unprecedented national internet blackout while the battle with rebels raging in the country and in the capital. This time the blackout as totally isolated the country blocking also land lines and cellphone networks. On the incident is started a m
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