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Rise in website Defacement attacks by Hackers around the World

Rise in website Defacement attacks by Hackers around the World

Nov 05, 2013
Last week we noticed a rise in cyber attacks particularly - website Defacement attacks on many governments and organizations of different countries by the hackers around the world. Targeted countries include Singapore, Mexico, Philippines, Australia, Egypt, United States, Syria and many more. Out of all these targets, most controversial were Philippines and Australia, hacked by Activist group Anonymous. Last Sunday, Anonymous hackers from Indonesia defaced hundreds of websites belonging to the Australian Government , saying the action was in response to reports of spying by Australia. The websites, defaced with a message reading " Stop Spying on Indonesia ". We have shared the list of all targeted website on a pastebin note . In a separate incident, Anonymous hackers defaced more than 38 Philippine Government websites, and called on the public to support an anti-corruption protest " Million Mask March " at the Batasang Pambansa on November 5. " The government,
 #OpSyria : Teamr00t Hack Syrian Government Sites

#OpSyria : Teamr00t Hack Syrian Government Sites

Dec 02, 2012
The Syrian government is almost certainly responsible for a blackout Thursday that shut down virtually all Internet service in the country. However, The Syrian government blamed the outage in internet service and mobile coverage in some areas on the armed groups' sabotage acts against cellular broadcast centers. Hacker with name Teamr00t has hacked and defaced Syrian government and showed their support for the people of Syria against President Bashaar Al-Assad's latest actions in shutting down the internet. Deface message President Bashaar Al-Assad You have taken a step too far in shutting down the internet so the outside world cannot see the horrific crimes you are committing upon your own people and this will not be tolerated by the world watching! The Syrian people have the right to freedom of speech, the right to live a normal happy life and the right to have access to the internet to connect with the rest of the world. By shutting down the internet you have denied your
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Syria suffers nationwide communications outage

Syria suffers nationwide communications outage

Nov 30, 2012
The Syrian situation is getting worse day by day, the regime is attacking dissident mercilessly meanwhile the world wide community is standing by and watch helplessly stopped by prohibition of military intervention imposed by Russia and China, historical allies of Damascus. Syria regime is fierce against the rebels in the streets as in cyber space, we have already discussed of the persecution of opposition made using spyware to catch the rebels. Syrian regime is also convinced that leaks from the country on the massacres by the regime might aggravate the position of the government and then several times in the last year the government has stopped internet access in the country thanks to a kill switch. In this hours it has been registered an unprecedented national internet blackout while the battle with rebels raging in the country and in the capital. This time the blackout as totally isolated the country blocking also land lines and cellphone networks. On the incident is started a m
Anonymous Leak Emails from Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Anonymous Leak Emails from Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nov 27, 2012
Anonymous Hacker managing Operation Syria ( OpSyria ) have released 1 GB of emails dump from  Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Files are in files are in Arabic language. Documents includes scanned copies of Syrian ministers passports, details about an arms transport from Ukraine, report which shows that 200 tons of Syrian bank notes have been shipped from Russia. " Within the stash you will find details about cargo flights from Russia, each containing 30 tons of fresh Syrian Cash " Hackers said. " Furthermore you will find lulzy documents such as scanned passports from Syrian ministers (PDF) and details about arms transportation from Ukraine ". Emails are available here and Full Archive is available to download also.
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