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NSA Accidentally Took Down Syria's Internet While Infiltrating Central Router System

NSA Accidentally Took Down Syria's Internet While Infiltrating Central Router System

Aug 14, 2014
Before proceeding towards the story, let's first go back two years to figure out what was wrong when Syria was completely blackout - sudden disconnect from the Internet - which lasted for the period of three days in 2012. Is that the Syrian government behind the blackout ? The outage took place during a period of intense fighting in the country's still-ongoing civil war. So, it was supposed that may it be the government's fault. But, the Syrian Minister of Information said that the government didn't disable the Internet, instead the outage was caused by a cable being cut by some terrorists. When investigated, it was unlikely to be the case. So, Who was actually behind Syria Blackout ? NSA? Yup! It was the same NSA who was behind a number of major happenings. National Security Agency ( NSA ) – the God-like powered agency that had ruled over the privacy of the entire world from countries to individuals, the one with master access to read anyone's data, intruded into larg
Join 'Reset The Net' Global Movement to Shut Off NSA Surveillance

Join 'Reset The Net' Global Movement to Shut Off NSA Surveillance

Jun 05, 2014
Privacy of Internet users is dead somewhere as the Intelligence agencies can watch our every move, hear our every conversation and read our every email and find out anything related to our personal and private life.  Last year, Edward Snowden revealed about the mass surveillance carried out by NSA and other countries intelligence agencies on every citizen of their country. The US Government has allotted a large share of its ' Black Budget ' for secret surveillance programs and to make this happen, NSA has used a number of unethical ways and labelled as legal solutions, harvesting hundreds of millions of Metadata from emails, web activity, chats, social networks, and everything else around the world. The revelations encouraged Internet users think about their privacy and digital rights, and the time came when different organisations started several campaigns to block mass surveillance and fight back against the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ). RESET YOU
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Syria suffers nationwide communications outage

Syria suffers nationwide communications outage

Nov 30, 2012
The Syrian situation is getting worse day by day, the regime is attacking dissident mercilessly meanwhile the world wide community is standing by and watch helplessly stopped by prohibition of military intervention imposed by Russia and China, historical allies of Damascus. Syria regime is fierce against the rebels in the streets as in cyber space, we have already discussed of the persecution of opposition made using spyware to catch the rebels. Syrian regime is also convinced that leaks from the country on the massacres by the regime might aggravate the position of the government and then several times in the last year the government has stopped internet access in the country thanks to a kill switch. In this hours it has been registered an unprecedented national internet blackout while the battle with rebels raging in the country and in the capital. This time the blackout as totally isolated the country blocking also land lines and cellphone networks. On the incident is started a m
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