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Kim Dotcom today said on Twitter that Megaupload user data in Europe has been irreversibly lost because it was deleted by a Dutch hosting company called LeaseWeb.

LeaseWeb is based in Germany and has subsidiaries also in the United States, the company. LeaseWeb has 60,000 servers under its management and more than 15,000 clients worldwide.

"The greatest massacre data of history", The news is shocking if we consider the wealth of information contained in the files.

Leaseweb has informed Kim Dotcom that all 630 servers they rented have been wiped clean. This means that petabytes of data belonging to Megaupload users is now gone without any notice.
LeaseWeb responds to Kim Dotcom "When Megaupload was taken offline, 60 servers owned by MegaUpload were directly confiscated by the FIOD and transported to the US. Next to that, MegaUpload still had 630 rented dedicated servers with LeaseWeb. For clarity, these servers were not owned by MegaUpload, they were owned by LeaseWeb. For over a year these servers were being stored and preserved by LeaseWeb, at its own costs. So for over one whole year LeaseWeb kept 630 servers available, without any request to do so and without any compensation. "

The company says it reached out to Megaupload but received no response. The company then decided to re-provision the servers.

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Megaupload was the biggest file-sharing site, its main fault is to have harmed the interests of too many companies worldwide proposing offering a platform for free sharing that were shut down by the United States Department of Justice on 19 January 2012, following the indictment and arrests of the owners for allegedly operating as an organization dedicated to copyright infringement.

"Prosecutors accuse them of racketeering by facilitating massive copyright fraud. Dotcom says he's innocent and can't be held responsible for those who chose to use Megaupload to illegally download songs or movies."

In this day are circulating images of the raid of law enforcement for the arrest of Kim Dotcom, it is evident the use of disproportionate means to stop a man who I would not have escaped the police, but the images are disturbing, a full-scale raid reminiscent of military operations views on the occasion of the capture of dangerous fugitives or terrorists.
Is Kim Dotcom a fugitive? Is he a terrorist? Why all this fury?

"This is what the U.S. government wanted all along. That's why they seized all of our assets and would not even release funds to pay our hosting partners," Dotcom now says.

Dotcom doesn't know whether Megaupload can or will take steps against Leaseweb. The lawyers are looking into the matter, but Megaupload's founder is most of all very sad and disappointed.

The fury of the authorities against Dotcom is really abnormal, even the behavior of the hosting provider is suspect, just that with LeaseWeb Megaupload had gained so much.

I leave you with a thought provoking ... What if in that mountain of files there was hidden also some confidential U.S. Government documents?

Is it possible that KimDotcom knows an inconvenient truth and that Us government is trying to scare him?

What if Megaupload was used a for other reasons?

Steganography, intelligence, state-sponsored hackers ... Are all familiar words, today all security experts are aware that compromising a wide audience service it is possible to attack a huge quantity of users. What else is Megaupload was used for watering hole attacks, or to spread a malicious agent, and the proof are hidden in the destroyed documents?

Cool ... I can use it in my next book. Do you think I'm paranoid? ... Prism case should be an example, and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

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