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Last week Apple releases the iPhone 5S with Touch ID, a fingerprint-scanning feature, promoted by the company as "Your fingerprint is one of the best passwords in the world".

Just after the launch of iOS7, Hackers around the world come up with a series of security issues and privacy concerns.
One of the most embarrassing hack released yesterday, when a group of German Hackers fooled the iPhone's biometric fingerprint security by just using a high resolution photo of someone's fingerprint.

Now, We all are aware about many secret surveillance projects of NSA like PRISM, where U.S. government is collecting data from these Internet companies including - Apple.

Apple claimed that, iPhone will never upload fingerprints to their server, but can we believe them anymore ?

It is already proven that, During Surveillance operations and for Backup purpose, Smartphone applications can upload anything from your device to their online servers without any special permission or user interaction, So why they will not upload your Fingerprint scans too ?

In Only this weekend, over 9 million new iPhones devices sold in International Market. In the name of stopping terrorism, NSA now manages to create a database of Fingerprints, of more than 9 million users, which will turn billions in a month.

iPhone Users fooled By Apple OR the NSA who is keeping eyes on us OR those hackers who are busy in Hacking latest technologies, which are already backordered for Spying purpose ?

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