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Google Working On End-to-End Encryption for Gmail Service

Google Working On End-to-End Encryption for Gmail Service

Apr 22, 2014
Constant password breaches and Snowden revelations about Government Surveillance have raised many questions that why don't cloud and email Services encrypt the data stored on their server?  Revelations forced the popular Internet Giants such as Google and Yahoo to contemplate on the privacy and security issues and in response companies started enhancing their encryption standard by enabling HTTPS by default and removed the option to turn it off. A few days back, Google admitted that their automated systems read your content, including incoming and outgoing emails to provide you personally relevant advertisements. That means Internet giants generally do encrypt your data, but they have the key so they can decrypt it any time they want. Encryption is mandatory in Modern Internet and web services should consider Encrypting and decrypting your data locally, so that no one can snoop on. Such cryptographic mechanism is called End-to-End Encryption , that means content of yo
Mozilla Thunderbird vulnerability allows hackers to Insert malicious code into Emails

Mozilla Thunderbird vulnerability allows hackers to Insert malicious code into Emails

Jan 28, 2014
Do you use Thunderbird , a free; open-source; cross-platform application for managing email and news feeds? According to a Pakistani Security Researcher from Vulnerability-Lab, a flaw gives an attacker the ability to run code on a user's machine. Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.6 email application is vulnerable to critical validation and filter bypass vulnerability, enables an attacker to bypass the filter that prevents HTML tags from being used in messages. According to a Security Advisory released by Vulnerability-Lab , the flaw resides in Mozilla's Gecko engine. During the testing, the researchers found many java script errors which gave the researcher much hope in believing that the application might actually be vulnerable. By default, HTML tags like <script> and <iframe> are blocked in Thunderbird and get filtered immediately upon insertion. However, while drafting a new email message, attackers can easily bypass the current input filters by encoding
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How to use PGP encryption with Mozilla Thunderbird Email client

How to use PGP encryption with Mozilla Thunderbird Email client

Jan 13, 2014
In my last article, we have learnt that how to encrypt our Emails using Gnu Privacy Guard . Previously we used Microsoft Outlook as a desktop mail client and a GpgOL plugin to handle encryption decryption of our communication. Since Microsoft is a US-based company, that has to follow all the laws of that contingent. Should we trust Microsoft product to save our e-mail password and data? Obviously NO!  This made me write a new article on the same topic is that today we are going to use an open source mail client i.e.  Mozilla Thunderbird , available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Thunderbird Installation: Initially you need to download the Thunderbird mail client, and install it to make your email communication more secure and private. Open Thunderbird tool and configure your mail account, as shown: Installing and Configuring ENIGMAIL:  In the next step you need to install an Add-on in Thunderbird, called  ENIGMAIL . You can search and install add-on using Tools-> Add-ons
What Is PGP Encryption And How To Encrypt Your Emails

What Is PGP Encryption And How To Encrypt Your Emails

Jan 08, 2014
Now that we have enough details about how the NSA's Surveillance program, running for a long time against almost each country of this planet.  Hundreds of top-secret NSA documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden already exposed that Spying projects like PRISM and MUSCULAR are tapping directly into Google and Yahoo internal networks to access our Emails. NSA's tactics are even capable to defeat the SSL encryption, so unsecured email can easily be monitored and even altered as it travels through the Internet. One major point on which all of us are worrying is about the privacy of communication among each other and If you're looking for a little personal privacy in your communications you will need to encrypt your messages. To avoid privacy breaches; rather I should say to make it more difficult for the NSA or British GCHQ surveillance program to read our communication, we should use PGP encryption (Pretty Good Privacy). Why we should Encrypt ou
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