Today's cyber attackers are constantly looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and infiltrate organizations. To keep up with this evolving threat landscape, security teams must be on the lookout for potential risks around the clock. Since most organizations simply cannot afford to have 24x7 security teams, managed detection and response (MDR) services have become a critical aspect of any modern security stack.

Most organizations must find outsourced MDR providers on top of their existing solutions, but that's not always a feasible solution. XDR provider Cynet offers its MDR service (learn more here), which the company calls CyOps, as part of its offering. The service is much more than simply a help desk, though.

CyOps offers a thorough MDR service that offers both monitoring and threat hunting, as well as incident response in cases where an attack is successful.

How CyOps operates

The key selling point for CyOps MDR is that it enhances organizations' security around the clock. The CyOps team is available 24x7x365 and is constantly monitoring customers' environments for any risk. CyOps offers five key services:

  • Detection
  • Investigation
  • Response
  • Expert advice
  • Research reports


The CyOps team builds on the tools offered by Cynet 360, and helps ensure that real threats aren't overlooked, and that they can be met with a response whenever they must. The CyOps team is available 24x7, and manages alerts, events, inquiries, and any incidents that may arise. They also offer alert analysis based on alerts generated by the platform itself.

The team also acts proactively when they detect a threat, contacting organizations if they're at risk. This outreach includes any internal activities that might suggest a threat, suspicious activities, and malicious activities.

The team also engages in threat hunting and threat intelligence to be prepared for unexpected attacks and new vulnerabilities.


When users detect something suspicious in their endpoints or networks, they can reach out to CyOps for an investigation of the suspicious materials. The CyOps team also performs attack investigations to understand the scope and impact, as well as updating their indicators of compromise (IOCs).


Users also receive support when they suffer a breach or attack. Customers can use the Cynet 360 platform to respond to attacks but can also call on CyOps to assist in more complex remediations and even threat response. CyOps provides both remediation instructions and generates custom remediation playbooks that can be implemented directly from the Cynet 360 platform.

Expert advice and Research reports

The MDR service is also available to answer any inquiries, doubts, or suspicions customers might have about an attack. Users can reach out to the CyOps team with questions about potential attacks, suspicious files and activities, alerts, and other potential IOCs.

On top of that, CyOps continously updates and publishes new research about attacks, vulnerabilities, new techniques, exploits, and other threats that could impact its customers. The team produces a monthly threat intelligence report in addition to a newsletter and frequent attack reports on the Cynet website.

Enhanced cybersecurity at no extra cost

One of the biggest selling points for Cynet's services is that they include CyOps at no extra cost. You can learn more about CyOps here.

You can see more of Cynet 360 in action here.

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