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NSA & CIA Analysts Watching Porn, A Lot of Porn, More Than You Could Ever

NSA & CIA Analysts Watching Porn, A Lot of Porn, More Than You Could Ever

Apr 06, 2015
U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) is infamous for conducting Global Mass Surveillance to snoop secretly on users' online communications, phone calls, private instant messages, and personal emails, but there is something shocking about it. The Security Agency also asked its employees to watch Porn -- Yes! Porn and a lot of Porn. The Analysts and Terrorism experts employed by U.S. Intelligence Agencies including the NSA and the CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency ) are tasked to watch graphic videos all day long. According to the recent report by Daily Beast , the Graphic video contents containing ISIS prisoner beheading, attacks on U.S. military forces, and sometimes sexual abuse of children are gathered from the computers and smartphones of captured or killed terrorists, and from websites frequented visited by jihadists. WHY NSA IS WATCHING PORN? Islamic State (Isis) and Al-Qaeda terrorists are using Reddit, eBay and pornography to send coded messages to thei
Megaupload files deleted by Dutch hosting company LeaseWeb

Megaupload files deleted by Dutch hosting company LeaseWeb

Jun 20, 2013
Kim Dotcom today said on Twitter that Megaupload user data in Europe has been irreversibly lost because it was deleted by a Dutch hosting company called LeaseWeb.  LeaseWeb is based in Germany and has subsidiaries also in the United States, the company.  LeaseWeb has 60,000 servers under its management and more than 15,000 clients worldwide. " The greatest massacre data of history ", The news is shocking if we consider the wealth of information contained in the files.  Leaseweb has informed Kim Dotcom that all 630 servers they rented have been wiped clean. This means that petabytes of data belonging to Megaupload users is now gone without any notice. LeaseWeb responds to Kim Dotcom " When Megaupload was taken offline, 60 servers owned by MegaUpload were directly confiscated by the FIOD and transported to the US. Next to that, MegaUpload still had 630 rented dedicated servers with LeaseWeb. For clarity, these servers were not owned by MegaUpload, t
HUMINT: Diving Deep into the Dark Web

HUMINT: Diving Deep into the Dark Web

Jul 09, 2024Cybercrime / Dark Web
Discover how cybercriminals behave in Dark Web forums- what services they buy and sell, what motivates them, and even how they scam each other. Clear Web vs. Deep Web vs. Dark Web Threat intelligence professionals divide the internet into three main components: Clear Web - Web assets that can be viewed through public search engines, including media, blogs, and other pages and sites. Deep Web - Websites and forums that are unindexed by search engines. For example, webmail, online banking, corporate intranets, walled gardens, etc. Some of the hacker forums exist in the Deep Web, requiring credentials to enter. Dark Web - Web sources that require specific software to gain access. These sources are anonymous and closed, and include Telegram groups and invite-only forums. The Dark Web contains Tor, P2P, hacker forums, criminal marketplaces, etc. According to Etay Maor, Chief Security Strategist at Cato Networks , "We've been seeing a shift in how criminals communicate and co
SkypeHide to Send secret messages into silence of Skype Calls

SkypeHide to Send secret messages into silence of Skype Calls

Jan 07, 2013
Polish Researchers have discovered a clever way to send secret messages during a phone call on Skype. We know that, by default skype calls use 256-bit advanced encryption, but researchers find that is not enough. So they find out this new way to communicate messages more secretly by using silence. Mazurczyk, Maciej Karaƛ and Krzysztof Szczypiorski analysed Skype data traffic during calls and discovered that there is a way in Skype silence, where rather than sending no data between spoken words, Skype sends 70-bit-long data packets instead of the 130-bit ones that carry speech. So by taking advantage of this they hijacks these silence packets and then inject encrypted message data into some of them. The Skype receiver on other end will always simply ignores the secret-message data, but it can be decoded back to receive that secret message. Team decide to present this at Steganography conference  by creating a POC tool called SkypeHide that will be able to hijacks some of the silenc
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Top 4 Security Risks of GenAI

websiteWizGenAI Security / Technology
Gain a competitive edge and unlock the top 4 major emerging risks within GenAI. This report from Gartner provides insights and recommended actions for security and product leaders.
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