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Amanda Todd blackmailer Kody Maxson outed another pedophile blackmailer

Amanda Todd blackmailer Kody Maxson outed another pedophile blackmailer

Oct 19, 2012
The hacker group Anonymous claims that Maxson is the man who drove Amanda Todd to her death last week, but the Canada native says it wasn't him and that he was a friend to the teen. Alleged Amanda Todd blackmailer Kody Maxson outed a second pedophile blackmailer, known as Viper. Maxson appeared in court Monday for unrelated charges of sexual assault and sexual interference of a person under 16. Anonymous traced him to the online handle Kody1206, an active user on teen chat hub Blogtv where Todd was coerced into exposing herself and various forums dedicated to trading jailbait or sexualized images of teens. Maxson said he got some sketchy information about the blackmailer, who he says was 26, lived in New York and goes by an alias of Viper. The man said he passed this information to the RCMP and NYPD, but he couldn't remember whom he spoke with. He said he only knew Amanda in " a sense ," but denied he was one of her cyber-bullies. Here's a video statement fro
Anonymous identified cyber stalker who drove Amanda Todd to suicide

Anonymous identified cyber stalker who drove Amanda Todd to suicide

Oct 16, 2012
Hacker group Anonymous may have tracked down the sex-obsessed cyberbully who drove a 15-year-old girl to kill herself last week. Today Anonymous posted a video on YouTube naming a 32-year-old man from British Columbia, as the person responsible for the October 10th suicide of 15-year-old Amanda Todd. Anonymous has started #OpRIP to hunt down those who bullied Todd. " This is the pedophile that social engineered Amanda Todd into supplying him nude pictures ," Anonymous said in a Pastebin post before identifying a 30-year-old man living in New Westminster, B.C. Todd committed suicide after years of online abuse by a man who blackmailed her, posted her topless photo online and sent it to her peers. In Todd's video, on handwritten note cards, she detailed the story of a man she said threatened to send photos of her breasts to friends and relatives unless she put on a sexual show for him. She apparently refused and he later made good on that promise, police tol
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Transform Your Data Security Posture – Learn from SoFi's DSPM Success

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