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You Can Hijack Nearly Any Drone Mid-flight Using This Tiny Gadget

You Can Hijack Nearly Any Drone Mid-flight Using This Tiny Gadget

Oct 27, 2016
Now you can hijack nearly any drone mid-flight just by using a tiny gadget. Security researcher Jonathan Andersson has devised a small hardware, dubbed Icarus, that can hijack a variety of popular drones mid-flight, allowing attackers to lock the owner out and give them complete control over the device. Andersson, who is the manager of Trend Micro's TippingPoint DVLab division, demonstrated this new hack at this year's PacSec security conference in Tokyo, Japan on Wednesday. Besides Drones, the new gadget has the capability of fully hijacking a wide variety of radio-controlled devices, including helicopters, cars, boats and other remote control gears that run over the most popular wireless transmission control protocol called DSMx. DSMx is a protocol used to facilitate communication between radio controllers and devices, including drones, helicopters, and cars. This is not the first hardware that can hijack drones mid-flight . There are jamming devices available in
Dutch Police Training Eagles to Take Down Rogue Drones

Dutch Police Training Eagles to Take Down Rogue Drones

Feb 01, 2016
You may have seen number of viral entertainment videos on the Internet, titled: Hawk attacks Drone! Angry Bird takes down Quadcopter, and the best one… Eagle attack: Drone Kidnapped by two Eagles, ...showing eagles, not-so-natural predators, attacking and bringing down drones when someone with a camera tries to invade their private airspace. Inspired from this: The  Dutch National Police  force is training eagles to take down rogue drones, instead of shooting them, using radio jammers,  net-wielding interceptor drones  or anti-drone rifle . We already know the role Sniffer Dogs play for Anti-Bomb squads in detecting hidden bombs and weapons. If dogs can be trained, so can eagles. Keeping this in mind, it is the first time any police authority has trained eagles to safely bring down bad quadcopters in emergency cases. Dutch police reportedly collaborated with a raptor training company called 'Guard From Above ', to train eagles to recogni
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This is How Tokyo Police Catching Rogue Drones in the Sky

This is How Tokyo Police Catching Rogue Drones in the Sky

Dec 14, 2015
So how do you catch rogue drones that take your sky? With another Giant Drone, of course! This is exactly how the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is catching unwanted and potentially dangerous drones flying over the city, according to Japan Today. The department is launching an anti-drone squad in order to prevent people from flying their drones overcrowded residential areas and important buildings in Tokyo, including the Prime Minister's Office. How So? Instead using a dragnet on the ground, the police authorities will use a drone armed with a net to scoop up the suspected drones and carry them away to safety. Watch the Video: The Tokyo Metropolitan Police have also released a video that shows its special Net-Wielding Drone in action. You can look at the video above. It looks like the police are using a DJI Spreading Wings 900 with a 3 x 2 m² of Net tied to its feet. As soon as a rogue drone is spotted in the sky, the squad will first a
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