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How Attack Surface Management Preempts Cyberattacks

How Attack Surface Management Preempts Cyberattacks

February 07, 2022The Hacker News
The wide-ranging adoption of cloud facilities and the subsequent mushrooming of organizations' networks, combined with the recent migration to remote work, had the direct consequence of a massive expansion of organizations' attack surface and led to a growing number of blind spots in connected architectures. The unforeseen  results of this expanded and attack surface  with fragmented monitoring has been a marked increase in the number of successful cyber-attacks, most notoriously, ransomware, but covering a range of other types of attacks as well. The main issues are unmonitored blind spots used by cyber-attackers to breach organizations' infrastructure and escalate their attack or move laterally, seeking valuable information.  The problem lies in discovery. Most organizations have evolved faster than their ability to keep track of all the moving parts involved and to catch up to catalog all past and present assets is often viewed as a complex and resource-heavy task wit
How Extended Security Posture Management Optimizes Your Security Stack

How Extended Security Posture Management Optimizes Your Security Stack

December 14, 2021The Hacker News
As a CISO, one of the most challenging questions to answer is "How well are we protected right now?" Between the acceleration of hackers' offensive capabilities and the dynamic nature of information networks, a drift in the security posture is unavoidable and needs to be continuously compensated. Therefore, answering that question implies continuously validating the security posture and being in a position to check it including, against the latest emerging threats. Yet, the bulk of cybersecurity is focused on defensive tools. The combination of the rapid evolution of technology and the multiplication of technology layers, combined with the professionalization of the threat landscape, has led to a profusion of cybersecurity tools tackling different security aspects. Checking the cybersecurity solution stack efficiency is typically done through pen-testing or, more recently, through red teaming – an exercise aimed to map possible loopholes that would lead to a data breac
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