Government modifying 'Personal Data Privacy and Security Act' to strict Sentencing for Hackers
The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman 'Patrick Leahy' reintroduced a revamped version of the "Personal Data Privacy and Security Act" for tough criminal penalties for hackers, that he originally authored in 2005.

During last Christmas Holidays, a massive data breach had occurred at the shopping giant Target, involving hack of 40 million credit & debit cards, used to pay for purchases at its 1500 stores nationwide in the U.S.
Reason: "Target Data Breach? Seriously"? In a statement, as published below, the Senator wrote:
"The recent data breach at Target involving the debit and credit card data of as many as 40 million customers during the Christmas holidays is a reminder that developing a comprehensive national strategy to protect data privacy and cybersecurity remains one of the most challenging and important issues facing our Nation"
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It seems that the TARGET Breach was scheduled, as the best opportunity to ramp up the cyber security laws against all kinds of Hackers.

Finally, on Wednesday he has re-introduced a more strict version of the "Personal Data Privacy and Security Act" bill that aims to protect Americans' data from cyber criminals. He wrote in a statement,
"The Personal Data Privacy and Security Act will help to meet this challenge, by better protecting Americans from the growing threats of data breaches and identity theft."
In his proposal, the companies with databases containing sensitive customer information will have to adopt a 'nationwide standard' of internal policies to defend against cyber attacks. It will also provide an alert notice to all Americans users, when they have been victims of such data breach.

No Doubt, I am also in favor to give strict sentences to the Cyber criminals who are involved in Malware related crimes, financial hacks, cyber bullying, espionage or spying, but this Bill now also covers strict sentencing for hactivists and hackers who have nothing to do with financial data. I have explained these facts about the bill as follow:
Government modifying 'Personal Data Privacy and Security Act' to strict Sentencing for Hackers
Obviously, I smell a Rat here!
New Penalty - 20 Years, rather than 10: Another most important modification is proposed to increase the maximum sentence for a first-time offender from 10 years to 20.

Cyber Criminal = Hacktivist = Anonymous = Cyber Fraud ≠ NSA: Unfortunately, this Bill will also apply to all types of hackers, who is involved in Data Breaches, Cyber Fraud activities, Identity theft, Malware developers as well as on the other hackers including Anonymous, Hacktivist etc. who is not hacking for financial benefits.
"The bill also includes the Obama administration's proposal to update the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, so that attempted computer hacking and conspiracy to commit computer hacking offenses are subject to the same criminal penalties, as the underlying offenses."
Government modifying 'Personal Data Privacy and Security Act' to strict Sentencing for Hackers
If you haven't forgotten the news of the Hactivist Jeremy Hammond, who was sentenced 10 years in prison under the same Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) for hacking into private intelligence contractor Stratfor and attempting to highlight Stratfor's work as a private intelligence firm.

He exposed Surveillance operation done by Stratfor on the political protesters at the behest of both private companies and the government. His attack was for political purpose, rather than financial.

Attempt to Hack = Successfully Hacked: If you are even planning to hack someone, then, according to this updated Bill, you are also considered as a Criminal. The Senator also proposed that the hackers who are unsuccessful in their actions are punished as severely as more accomplished ones regardless.

Considering the NSA's unethical Hacking operation? Now that's interesting! Whistle-blowing comes under a massive crime, but spying on the whole world by the their own NSA comes under nothing from any above??
NSA unethical Hacking operation
Recently, The Security researcher Jacob Appelbaum accused the NSA of illegally hacking the massive amounts of private data of users under the guise of counterterrorism. "NSA gets to do something like intercepting 7 billion people all day long with no problems. And the rest of us are not even allowed to experiment with improving the security of our own lives without being put in prison or under threat of serious indictment." he said.

Making Laws more strict for hackers with criminal or Fraud activities is OKAY, but what about the team of hackers who are unethically hacking into world's telecommunication companies, devices or the database of Big Internet companies?

Now, this is something on what U.S Government won't give a damn look!

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