Let's forget the political mumbo jumbo and posturing going on between countries about the release of Julian Assange. It is time to approach this in a "Sho-Gun" switch-a-roo style and get this over with.

If not, we are going to be reading endless editorials and opinions about who is doing what, and what is doing who. Ugggh.

With the help of the Ecuadorian Administration and some well planned orchestration with the group Anonymous, we can do this.

Let's let the Guy Fawkes mask slide us into victory with my new handy dandy plan that is sure to get the by now, haggard and worried Assange, into Ecuadorian freedom and fame.

It is simple really. We need a call to arms, a ready army of Anons that can be recruited at a moments notice to storm the embassy. Just stop for a minute and picture it.

Hundreds, no thousands, of masked Anons, wearing black, storming the embassy at night and throwing a wig on Assange and, of course, a mask (I am sure he has one) and moving him out into the crowd. From there, have 5 or six of the same type/model cars and slip him into one and off to a private residence for later transport by private jet to freedom.
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Really, it is more a ninja operation……if carefully planned and executed.

If it sounds far-fetched to you, let's examine the facts. Let's just face it. Britain would love to get rid of him. I mean, seriously, what stake do they have in this? And, the taxpayers should be screaming at the cost of the police and security regarding this issue. At this point they are just babysitting and it is costing a fortune.

What about Sweden? Oh please…..get real. They should wake up and realize that they are being used like a dirty towel about to be thrown out. Stupid ass, trumped up, false charges about rape; all in the name of a political favor to the United States who is embarrassed about the TRUTH released by Wikileaks. Obama, take out your earphones, we aren't that stupid.

Speaking of stupid; Sweden, you are stupid to believe you will gain anything, in the end, over this. The United States has a long history of use and abuse in political situations. What have we done for Viet Nam recently? I could go on.

But, back to my plan. It could be now, or anytime in the future. Britain can turn a blind eye and get rid of him, as they would like to do. Ecuador could reap the benefits of hero status, and Sweden could get back to running their own country.

If anyone thinks that diplomatic meetings and negotiations are going to bring this to a favorable end, you are wrong. We need to give everyone a chance to get out of a bad situation, and get back to other politics and government spending. You know, the things they are good at.

Author : Ann Smith (Executive Editor, The Hacker News Magazine)

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