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Apple iCloud and Activation Lock Hacked; Allows Hackers to Unlock Stolen Devices

Apple iCloud and Activation Lock Hacked; Allows Hackers to Unlock Stolen Devices

May 22, 2014Swati Khandelwal
A Dutch-Moroccan team of hackers calling itself " Team DoulCi " have reportedly claimed to hack a protective feature on Apple 's iCloud system, that could leverage an attacker to remove security measures on lost or stolen iPhone devices. According to a report from Dutch news organization De Telegraaf , the hackers purchased locked iPhone devices for $50 to $150 each and then bypassed Apple's iCloud activation lock through a serious security vulnerability Apple has failed to patch with its most recent updates. The critical vulnerability in the Apple's iCloud allowed them to unlock stolen iPhones in an instant, which could then be sold for a large profit in the Blackmarket. This is the first time when any hacker group has managed to compromise the highly secured Apple's iCloud service. iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service provided by the Apple Inc. to its users since October 2011 with more than 320 million users across the world. The service all
Morocco’s militant hackers Out now !

Morocco's militant hackers Out now !

October 31, 2010Mohit Kumar
They are militant hackers who have attacked sites in Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Israel... Their screen messages have been likened to messages on banners hoisted by demonstrators in protest or support of political, social or even religious ideologies. The group is very active in Morocco, from where they have often hacked into sensitive security systems. Sitting behind their computer screens, they meticulously encode and decode IT security systems in search of the slightest miscalculation in order to launch an attack. Widely known as hackers in Morocco, they have gone haywire and are relentless in their efforts to penetrate into both local and foreign sites. Egypt, Kuwait and Israel have all fallen victim to their devices. But these are not some casual credit card thieves. They fall into a new category of activists known as "hacktivists". And while the oil that keeps the wheels of this underground movement rolling is the Internet, it is their ideological beliefs t
Infamous Hacker 'Diabl0' arrested in Bangkok, responsible for $4 Billion Damage to Swiss Banks

Infamous Hacker 'Diabl0' arrested in Bangkok, responsible for $4 Billion Damage to Swiss Banks

March 18, 2014Wang Wei
27-year-old Infamous Moroccan-Russian hacker arrested by Thailand's Department of Special Investigation (DSI)  in Bangkok, accused of cracking Switzerland Bank Computers and websites. Farid Essebar , went by the online screen name " Diabl0 ", has been wanted from last three years, and finally arrested on Tuesday with the joint operation of Thai and Swiss authorities and will be extradited to Switzerland soon. In 2011, He allegedly duplicated the Bank website pages to dupe more than 1,000 people and responsible for damage of $4 Billion and subject to an 'International' arrest warrant for forgery and piracy of financial institutions. '' We arrested the suspect at a condominium on Rama IV Road. Next Thailand will send him to Switzerland within 90 days in accordance with the extradition agreement, '' Police Colonel Songsak Raksaksakul of the Department of Special Investigation said. In 2005, 18-year-old Farid Essebar was arrested b
CATANIA Airport website hacked, MOROCCAN Suspected !

CATANIA Airport website hacked, MOROCCAN Suspected !

March 05, 2011Mohit Kumar
Catania - The Postal & Communications Police Department of Catania, coordinated by the city's DA office, has a suspect. The person investigated is a 22-year old Moroccan national residing in Lucca, who is considered to be responsible for the hacking attack that made inaccessible for a few hours the Websites of the Catania airport, of Confindustria's Catania offices and of several more important companies. The suspect is thought to be responsible for having illegally accessed the information system, damaging the data. After perpetrating a "defacement" type of attack, the hacker had boasted about his criminal act on a fundamentalist Islamic Website. Assistant Prosecutor Giuseppe Toscano and Deputy Prosecutor Vincenzo Serpotta issued several search warrants against the suspect and other people in his close circle of relations. The searches were executed by the Postal Police agents in collaboration with the men of the DIGOS (Security Police)
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