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How to Create a Culture of Kick-Ass DevSecOps Engineers

How to Create a Culture of Kick-Ass DevSecOps Engineers

Jun 01, 2020
Much like technology itself, the tools, techniques, and optimum processes for developing code evolve quickly. We humans have an insatiable need for more software, more features, more functionality… and we want it faster than ever before, more qualitative, and on top of that: Secure. With an estimated 68% of organizations experiencing zero-day attacks from undisclosed/unknown vulnerabilities in 2019, this is an upward trend that we need to address as an industry by shipping secure code at a reasonable speed. While many people and organizations are moving on from Waterfall to Agile — and not everybody is there yet, let's be real — they are already encountering a new problem. Development teams and their operations counterparts are still working in silos, and this is still causing headaches for development managers and their counterparts across the business. In this environment, how can small teams working in an Agile way deliver on that promise of faster deployment, and fast
Learn How to Code: Get 10 Best Online Training Courses for Just $49

Learn How to Code: Get 10 Best Online Training Courses for Just $49

May 12, 2017
Struggling to learn how to code? If you're looking to 'learn how to code' and seeking a career as an expert-level programmer, you should know how to play with codes and make your own. It's no secret that mastering a coding language or two can put you at the top of the job market – thanks to the boom in technology. Today, you can elevate your programming skills straight from the Internet to become an actual coder, but getting into a heavy subject like coding involves a lot of time and money. 'Learn to Code' 2017 Bundle: Get 10 Courses in 1 Pack Fortunately for you, this week's THN Deal Store brings the Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle that gives you access to 10 online training courses in 1 single account at just $49, instead of $1,186. This 95% discount is valid for next few days. The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle, comes with lifetime access, offers you professional training courses on Python, Ruby, Java, iOS, HTML, CSS, AngularJS and other programmin
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Suspected Kelihos Botnet Operator Arrested in Spain

Suspected Kelihos Botnet Operator Arrested in Spain

Apr 10, 2017
Update (Tuesday, April 11):  The arrest of a Russian man in Spain was apparently for his role in Kelihos botnet responsible for sending hundreds of millions of spam emails worldwide. A Russian computer hacker and alleged spam kingpin was arrested in Barcelona, Spain, on Friday reportedly over suspicion of being involved in hacking attacks linked to alleged interference in last year's United States presidential election process . 36-year-old Peter Yuryevich Levashov  from St. Petersburg was detained by police in Barcelona after US authorities issued an international arrest warrant for his arrest. While the Russian embassy in Madrid announced Levashov's arrest on Sunday, it did not confirm the reason for his arrest. This is the second arrest made by the Spanish authorities since the US 2016 election. In January, the police detained Stanislav Lisov , 32, on suspicion of creating and operating the NeverQuest Banking Trojan and possibly influencing the presidential elec
Russian Hacker behind 'NeverQuest' Malware, Wanted by FBI, Is Arrested in Spain

Russian Hacker behind 'NeverQuest' Malware, Wanted by FBI, Is Arrested in Spain

Jan 22, 2017
A Russian computer hacker wanted by the FBI on hacking allegations was arrested and jailed in Spain earlier this week, while a decision on his extradition to the United States has yet to be made. The Guardia Civil, Spanish law enforcement agency officers, have detained 32-year-old Stanislav Lisov at Barcelona–El Prat Airport based on an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol at the request of the FBI. Lisov is arrested on suspicion of creating and operating the NeverQuest Banking Trojan , a nasty malware that targeted financial institutions across the world and caused an estimated damage of $5 Million. The arrest was made after U.S. intelligence agencies found that Russian hackers were behind the November 2016 election hacks that possibly influenced the presidential election in Donald Trump's favor. However, Spanish police made an official statement, saying that the FBI had requested the arrest of Lisov after an investigation that started in 2014. NeverQues
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