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Russia to get rid of Android and iOS by launching its own Mobile Operating System

Russia to get rid of Android and iOS by launching its own Mobile Operating System

June 07, 2016Mohit Kumar
Last month, it was reported that the European Commission is planning to impose a record antitrust fine of about 3 BILLION euros ( US$3.4 Billion ) on Google for violating antitrust laws. Not just Europe, Google also lost an anti-monopoly appeal in Russia two months back against ruling for violating its dominant position with the help of its Android mobile OS by forcing its own apps and services like Google Map, Youtube, and others, on users — reducing competition. Now to put an end to the monopoly of major mobile Operating System, Russians are developing their own mobile operating system to compete with Android, iOS, and Windows mobile OS. The Minister of Russian Communication Ministry, Nikolai Nikiforov tweeted last month about the initiative to develop a new Russian mobile operating system, for which the Russian company Open Mobile Platform (Открытая Мобильная Платформа) is hiring developers, testers and security engineers. Open Mobile Platform is developing a Linux-ba
Samsung's new OS Tizen 2.0 source code released

Samsung's new OS Tizen 2.0 source code released

February 19, 2013Mohit Kumar
The Tizen 2.0 source code and SDK has officially been released. Tizen is a Linux-based open-source software platform backed by Intel and Samsung Electronics, that is designed for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and in-car systems and it's designed to run apps written using web technologies including HTML5. The list of new features and updates is an extensive one, though a lot of the changes are under-the-hood and aimed at offering a more attractive platform to application developers. Tizen 2.0 adds new APIs that developers can use to access Bluetooth and NFC function on phones with that hardware, as well as improved developer tools. There have been reports recently that Samsung is planning a line of phones built around the Tizen operating system, to reduce its dependence on Android after Google acquired mobile phone competitor Motorola Mobility. Samsung is already one of the top makers of phones and tablets, but right now the company's fortunes are very much tied into Goo
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