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OnePlus Site’s Payment System Reportedly Hacked to Steal Credit Card Details

OnePlus Site's Payment System Reportedly Hacked to Steal Credit Card Details

Jan 15, 2018
This year's first bad news for OnePlus users—a large number of OnePlus customers are reporting of fraudulent credit card transactions after buying products from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer's official online store. The claim initially surfaced on the OnePlus support forum over the weekend from a customer who said that two of his credit cards used on the company's official website was suspected of fraudulent activities. " The only place that both of those credit cards had been used in the last 6 months was on the Oneplus website ," the customer wrote. Later a good number of users posted similar complaints on OnePlus, Twitter and Reddit forums, saying they also became a victim of credit card fraud. Many of the customers claimed that their credit cards had been compromised after they bought a new phone or some accessories directly from the OnePlus official website, indicating that the leak might have been through the company itself. Cybersecurity
What Does PCI 3.0 Mean to Security Practitioners?

What Does PCI 3.0 Mean to Security Practitioners?

Oct 23, 2013
Cybercrime , identity theft, and frauds are on the rise; and in most cases, the data breaches are associated with credit cards and cardholder data. The impact of data breach not only affects your organization, but also your customers. A common observation cites that organizations that are PCI compliant are 50% less likely to suffer a data breach . It is alarming to notice that most organizations have difficulty complying with the requirements necessary for processing cardholder data . PCI makes the process smooth Based on the feedback from the industry, PCI Security Council has introduced some changes in the compliance regulations and has come up with version 3.0 for PCI compliance whose final version is scheduled for release on November 7, 2013. And, it is expected to be effective from January 2014. So, how will the upgraded version of PCI Compliance impact your organization? Awareness :  Most security breaches happen due to lack of awareness in the following areas:
Hands-on Review: Cynomi AI-powered vCISO Platform

Hands-on Review: Cynomi AI-powered vCISO Platform

Apr 10, 2024vCISO / Risk Assessment
The need for vCISO services is growing. SMBs and SMEs are dealing with more third-party risks, tightening regulatory demands and stringent cyber insurance requirements than ever before. However, they often lack the resources and expertise to hire an in-house security executive team. By outsourcing security and compliance leadership to a vCISO, these organizations can more easily obtain cybersecurity expertise specialized for their industry and strengthen their cybersecurity posture. MSPs and MSSPs looking to meet this growing vCISO demand are often faced with the same challenge. The demand for cybersecurity talent far exceeds the supply. This has led to a competitive market where the costs of hiring and retaining skilled professionals can be prohibitive for MSSPs/MSPs as well. The need to maintain expertise of both security and compliance further exacerbates this challenge. Cynomi, the first AI-driven vCISO platform , can help. Cynomi enables you - MSPs, MSSPs and consulting firms
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