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Hacker leaks Bangladesh Intelligence classified Emails

Hacker leaks Bangladesh Intelligence classified Emails

Jan 04, 2013
Indian hacker, Godzilla once again hit Bangladesh government server . Hacker told us about his latest cyber attack on  Directorate General of Forces Intelligence Bangladesh (DGFI -  www.dgfi.gov.bd ) server . He claimed to back up all confidential mails in the server and list of all their agents around the globe. Hacker taunt Bangladesh govt , " To all stupid Intelligence people of Bangladesh do you know what is security??,  Iam really felling pitty for you." Through a paste  note, hacker leak one sample mail (funny one), which is the conversation between Dewan Mamoon and DGFI Director. Some words from email are, " I love the CIA. I love the DGFI. I love the Bangladesh armed forces. I love America and I love Bangladesh. " and " I know that you are the ones to thank for sponsoring me in Bangladesh and the CIA for sponsoring me in America. " Compromised Intelligence server claimed to be full of sensitive information. In past year, Godzilla h
Bangladesh military Server and internal network Compromised

Bangladesh military Server and internal network Compromised

Nov 09, 2012
Indian Hacker  Godzilla aka G.O.D hacked into Bangladesh Army servers, belongs to domain  www.army.mil.bd and leak Internal Network Information via a note . Hacker also publicly posted their Cisco Router passwords and Mac-Address of all machines within the network. We talked with the hacker to know reason of hacking , and he reply, " Its Parade time for you, Bangladesh Army ! ! ! Even a municipal school website has better security than your website. You have time till December, secure it if u can.. Stop supporting terrorist organizations.. Put your best men at work now, we will come back in December. see you soon.. ./Peace is just what we want.. ./live and let others live. ." In his statement hacker threat to hack Bangladesh sites again by December, if they will not stop supporting terrorism. At the time of reporting this news, the official website of Bangladesh military is down because of cyber attack by Godzilla and Hacker advice that officials need to restart their se
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