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Apple Mac OS X 10.11 | Breaking Cybersecurity News | The Hacker News

Apple Mac OS X Hits by Two Unpatched Zero-day Flaws

Apple Mac OS X Hits by Two Unpatched Zero-day Flaws

Aug 19, 2015
Few days after Apple patched the DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE privilege-escalation vulnerability in OS X Yosemite, hackers have their hands on another zero-day bug in its operating system that allows hackers to gain root privileges to Mac computers. Italian teenager Luca Todesco ( @qwertyoruiop ) has discovered two unknown zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple's Mac OS X operating system that could potentially be exploited to gain remote access to a Mac computer. The 18-year-old self-described hacker has also posted details of his finding with source code for an exploit on the Github repository , as well as software to mitigate the vulnerability. OS X Zero-Day Exploit in the Wild The hacker's exploit makes use of two system flaws (which he dubbed ' tpwn ') in order to cause a memory corruption in OS X's kernel . Due to memory corruption, it's possible to circumvent the space layout randomization of the kernel address, therefore bypassing the toughe
Apple Mac OS X 10.11 'El Capitan' Update unveiled at WWDC 2015

Apple Mac OS X 10.11 'El Capitan' Update unveiled at WWDC 2015

Jun 09, 2015
After Google made its Android users happy by unveiling new features in Google I/O developer conference last month, it's now time for Apple fans… WWDC 2015 event is upon us. Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is going on in San Francisco and the company has many new surprises for its users. One of them is the new operating system for Macs, which Apple unveiled on stage on Monday. Long served Yosemite, a Heartiest Welcome to the newest version of OS X: El Capitan . Yes, El Capitan — the famous mountain in Yosemite National Park — is the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system that. What are the best features of EI Capitan? EI Capitan is the Apple major move towards providing a better desktop experience to its users. With OS X El Capitan, Apple wants to focus heavily on performance improvements to make its Mac computers " snappier and more efficient. " So, What's new in OS X 10.11 El Capitan? Improved User Experience 1. New sm
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