Google's Devices and Activity Dashboard — A New Account Security Wizard
We access our Google account from so many devices that we our self forget on how many devices our account is still connected and perhaps we don't use that device anymore. To make this problem easy for you, Google has come up with its new security dashboard which will help you keep better control over the devices that can access your account.

The Internet giant on Monday launched a new "Devices and Activity dashboard" with additional insight over the devices which will allow Google Apps users to identify every single active device that has been used to access their account in the last 28 days as well as those currently signed in.

Users will now be able to monitor a comprehensive set of details including the last time their account was accessed, location from where their account was accessed, as well as the web browser that was used to open their account.

Eran Feigenbaum, security director at the Google for Work team, said admins could quickly change passwords and lock their accounts access if any suspicious activity was noticed.
"To make your job a bit easier, today we're announcing new security tools to help Google Apps users take more control of their security online," Feigenbaum wrote Monday in a blog post.
Devices and Activity dashboard is not at all a new feature provided by Google, but previously it was focused mainly on account activity. But from now, using this dashboard feature you can also manually revoke or lock a device's access from your account remotely in a single-click, which could be a useful utility for those who somehow lost their smartphone or laptop, as well as if an intruder ever managed to add your account on their own device.

The company also launched a new security wizard to help secure Googlet for Work accounts by walking users through functions to tighten security features including recovery settings, and the ability to review account permissions and access.
"Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility," Feigenbaum said. "It only takes minutes for users to update their settings. By making users more aware of their security settings and the activity on their devices, we can work together to stay a step ahead of any bad guys."
Google for Work users can use this guide to enable or adjust security settings, which also encourages users to enable the 2-steps authentication process. This tool prioritizes all administrator settings for security features that end users are permitted to turn on. Rest all is in user's hand.

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