Devlopers Raise Bounty of $17,600 for First to Root Samsung Galaxy S5
It has been months ago since the release of Samsung's latest Smartphone, Galaxy S5 and we have seen a portion of International units receive root, but a couple of the carrier variants including the developer edition of Samsung Galaxy S5 for Verizon and At&T hasn't been in the list, sadly.

The Interesting part is that till now no hacker has found a way out to gain the root-rights of the Verizon as well as AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now, the Verizon and AT&T users who own Samsung Galaxy S5 are reportedly itching to get Android rooting technique for their devices, so that they can do tons of things such as customizations, patching apps, installing third-party ROMs etc.

This situation is something unacceptable to the developers and Galaxy S5 users, and finally the senior members of XDA developers in collaboration with the group of Verizon and AT&T customers have started a Crowd funded Bounty program for achieving the root on Verizon and AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 devices.

As of writing this, members of XDA forum has raised total $17,600, and the first person who will provide a working technique for rooting Verizon device will be awarded $9,970.00 and for AT&T the awarded amount is $7,700.00.

The root-breaker would get even high bounty as the developer community XDA Developers is continuing to collect donations to replenish the prize fund.

While a cash reward is always a great motivator to those who are good enough to find security holes in devices locked up, but this doesn't guarantee that a root will be produced for Verizon and AT&T's Galaxy S5, however it's an excellent effort for sure.

XDA developers have place some requirements to fetch the bounty:
  • Be the first person to create or find a method to achieve the following:
    • Exploiting a fully stock VRU1ANCG build to gain root access
  • Make a post in this thread with the following:
    • Proving it works with appropriate photos and/or screenshots and
    • Providing full step-by-step instructions for which anyone else can follow.
  • Wait for at least one member to follow the same method and confirm it works the same on their fully stock device with VRU1ANCG build.
  • Claim your bounty via PM from pledger(s).
Good Luck!

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