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The recent "disconcerting" reports that India was being spied upon by American intelligence agencies has opened an all new chapter in the cyber security space. The revelation that the Indian embassy in the US was among the list of 38 diplomatic missions which were being spied upon by American intelligence agencies, as per the latest top secret US National Security Agency documents leaked by the whistleblower Edward Snowden has raised questions like How much of liberty should the cyber space grant to maintain national security and at what cost?
So far, legality is the main rationale US officials have used to defend the government's PRISM spying program. It's all perfectly legal, approved by govt. and the courts, but a more potent argument might be just because something is legal doesn't necessarily make it a good thing.

In the context of the recent findings and the debate that it has just drawn, The Hackers Conference 2013 will raise important questions on the threats that snooping posses and why all Internet Administrations and Regulatory Bodies be put out of US jurisdiction and under the UN control.

The Hackers Conference 2012 had seen the participation of delegates from 15 different countries across the world. The conference will also take up an issue that is equally concerned: Cyber Security Cooperation between South Asian Countries and ways to counter snooping and cyber threats.

To discuss on the various facets of Cyber Security and to provide a common platform to Hackers along with govt. Official and policymakers , the second edition of The Hackers Conference 2013 is a great platform for the community to interact and exchange ideas.

Highlights of the Conference will be:
  • Special session against Internet Censorship in India
  • Samsung Smartphone Developer will Turn Android device into a Spy Bug
  • US hackers demonstrating breaching of SSL security layer in 30 Seconds
  • Researcher from Singapore will showcase Mobile Security testing tools
  • Researchers will demonstrate the Digital Forensics of WeChat like suspicious apps.
Keynote Speakers:
  • Prasad Kariyawasam: High Commissioner for Sri Lanka to India
  • Virag Gupta: Supreme Court Advocate
  • K C Singh, Former Secretary, Min. of External Affairs
  • Dinesh O. Bareja, CEO at Open Security Alliance
The Hackers Conference 2013 will be held in New Delhi on August 25 at India Habitat Centre. For details please visit and Join Hackers on Facebook Page.

This is the second edition of the Conference. Following the huge success of the conference last year the current edition of the conference brings back to you all the knowledge, all the fun in a better, grander way!

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