3 Days ago "English Defence League" was hacked and Defaced by "ZCompany Hacking Crew". Today same hacking crew expose a list of 25 people who give Donations to EDL.

Leaked information include Donator's Names, addresses and Email addresses, posted in a note. Hackers said,"If you donate to EDL and your name is not in the list, you should not breathe a sigh of relief ZHC will find you and expose you one day."

I talk with hackers to know the reason of exposing the donator list, and reply was - "We will expose every person who support racist organisations like EDL"

Last Friday defaced page read, "Fuck Zionist Jews! – Boycot israel! – Fuck the American Government! - Fuck fascist Organizations like EDL"

On the time writing this article, website of "English Defence League" (https://www.englishdefenceleague.org/) is giving "403 Forbidden" and Hackers told 'The Hacker News' that website panel is still under their control.

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