Hello my Princes of Peace, Warriors of the Revolution, Princesses of the cause, I want you to take two minutes and watch this video:

This video is the epitome of the ignorance and arrogance of governments all over the world in response to our cyber war revolution.

As you will see, the power people all gathered to warn themselves and the world of the "threat" of the hackers gangs of teenagers running wild on the internet hacking into governments and threatening our safety. EXCUSE ME?? Just who is threatening who here?

The most important thing I want you to know is that this type of whining is happening all over the world, and how it is translating is into cybercrime laws and in the case of the United States, Executive Orders that give the government and law enforcement the right to suppress and deny your right to public information, the right to free speech and the right to protest against the corruption and destruction of government secrecy and shenanigans.

Why do you think they hate Julian Assange so much? He took information that should have been available to the public and disseminated it. Government doesn't want that……they want to decide for you, what you should and should not know. And, now that we can get their not so private info, they are all scrambling to use law enforcement to stop us.

Let's start with the United States. Here is the cybercrime Executive Order facing us. Why an executive order is so nasty is that it can be implemented when Congress won't pass a traditional piece of legislation. This is what has occurred in the United States. "The administration is contemplating using an executive order because it isn't clear Congress would pass a cybersecurity bill."
And just why won't they pass a cyber law?? Cause they know it is a phony, stupid ass piece of shit legislation………..Erm..cough cough….I mean, the people won't stand for it.

But hear me now……we are being threatened as never before and the world around us is gearing up to suppress their people and unfortunately, because we are a cyber world, we will be victims also.

Let's look at the Philippines… pay particular attention to Chapter II.

OMFG…..it is hell on paper. They have taken away every right of the people! And, knowing the government there, they will be arresting and torturing people as fast as the ink jet printer gets this out. I am sick about it.

The Hacker NewsBut, the biggest slap in our cyber face has been Kashmir, India and the response of the Indian government over the fighting taking place there. I don't even want to consider what side to take in their battle which lies in whether Kashmir should belong to Pakistan or India BUT in response to the people in India who were using social media to spread their message in the fight, the Indian government took down FACEBOOK, YOU TUBE, TWITTER and other social network sites. WTF?

I don't care what your cause is, who you are, what your opinion is, you (meaning you as a human being on the planet earth) have the right to speak your mind or discuss your plan or thoughts. The mere fact the government decides how you can communicate scratches out the eyes of the rights of the people. And, we in all other countries should be hopping mad. Mad enough to show India, that type of action will not be tolerated…ever. Period.

Think about warriors of the net, if one country can do it successfully, others will follow. Our social media will be the target and only one more tool of the government to imprison people for using it. It is he scary stuff and I am asking that you rise up from your computer chair, stretch, and then get back on and if you have the skill, join one of the many OP's to help send a strong message to these governments and if not, do the traditional thing. Contact these idiots and tell them they are not going to mess with your rights. Period.

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