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Section 66A of IT Act is Unconstitutional, Supreme Court Rules

Section 66A of IT Act is Unconstitutional, Supreme Court Rules

Mar 24, 2015
The Supreme Court of India today struck down Section 66A of the Information Technology Act -- a controversial law that allowed law enforcement officials to arrest people for posting "offensive" comments on social networks and other internet sites. After hearing a clutch of petitions by defenders of free speech, the Supreme Court described the 2009 amendment to India's Information Technology Act known as section 66A as vague and ambiguous and beyond ambit of the constitutional right to freedom of speech. " Section 66A is unconstitutional and we have no hesitation in striking it down, " said Justice R F Nariman, reading out the judgement. " The public's right to know is directly affected by section 66A. " SECTION 66A OF THE IT ACT The Information Technology Act 2000 was amended in the year 2008 and this amended act contains the 66A section. Under this section, " Any person who sends, by means of a computer resource or a communi
We Are Being Held in Cyber Handcuffs

We Are Being Held in Cyber Handcuffs

Oct 09, 2012
Hello my Princes of Peace, Warriors of the Revolution, Princesses of the cause, I want you to take two minutes and watch this video: This video is the epitome of the ignorance and arrogance of governments all over the world in response to our cyber war revolution. As you will see, the power people all gathered to warn themselves and the world of the "threat" of the hackers gangs of teenagers running wild on the internet hacking into governments and threatening our safety. EXCUSE ME?? Just who is threatening who here? The most important thing I want you to know is that this type of whining is happening all over the world, and how it is translating is into cybercrime laws and in the case of the United States, Executive Orders that give the government and law enforcement the right to suppress and deny your right to public information, the right to free speech and the right to protest against the corruption and destruction of government secrecy and shenanigans. Why do you think they ha
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