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Hackers steal more than $450,000 from Burlington city bank

The city of Burlington is warning its employees to check their bank accounts after finding out funds have been stolen. The Skagit Valley Herald reports the money was electronically transferred to various personal and business accounts throughout the United States during a two-day period this week.

"We really don't know exactly how it happened," said City Manager Bryan Harrison. "Multiple banks in multiple states involved." "Someone, either through the city system or Bank of America had actually accessed our electric authorization account."

The theft was first reported by the Skagit Valley Herald newspaper which said that Burlington’s finance department reported the theft Thursday. Police and the Secret Service are investigating. Burlington is a city of about 8,400 people roughly 60 miles north of Seattle.

They believe the money has been shifted to different banks around the world. Officials say they will recover the money that was stolen, and that it will not affect city business.

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