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Back in 1991, Microsoft released their first version of Windows, a mouse-driven graphical user interface that revolutionized the way we use computers, both at home and in the workplace.

Microsoft's newest operating system has a whole new interface and loads of new features. Windows 8 introduces a new type of application: the Windows Store app. Windows Store apps have a brand new look and feel, run on a variety of devices, and you sell them on the Windows Store.

Here is a quick Guide for getting up to speed quickly and getting the most out of Windows 8. Whichever device you end up running Windows 8 on, you'll need to know a few things.
  1. How are you going to get the data from your current operating system to the new one?
  2. You'll probably be wondering where the famous Microsoft desktop has gone.
  3. You might be wondering just what is going on: why did Microsoft discard the Start menu, and why does its replacement look like it was designed for children?

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