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Have you ever wondered how Hackers or Black Hats hack into a computer system ? Our Hacker Boot Camp training session will teach you how this can be done. You will be shown the techniques, tools and methods that the hacker uses. This insight will help you understand how to better protect your IT architecture and identify the vectors of attack that hackers use.

The Hacker News organising an Advance Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Boot Camp at Delhi, India. All of our instructors are experts in their field and maintain respected reputations within the security community.

CCSN is a revolutionary new certification in the field of information security training program for amateurs and professionals to help you gain the skills you need to become an expert in the field of information security.

This specialized certification assures potential employers and customers that you have a level of advanced knowledge to detect and offer support for some of the most advanced security vulnerabilities. The CCSN is the only completely hands-on, real world oriented security certification.

Batches with limited Registrations in order to provide best Training Quality and Personal Interaction between students and Trainers. Course comes with a custom-built practical labs specially designed to clear up concepts, reinforce techniques, and make you comfortable with the tools of the trade.

Many companies are actively recruiting security specialists and this training will help to prepare you for senior technical and management positions in many industry sectors.

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Course Outline:

  • Php, Database and Linux - These are Pre-Required Knowledge that students will learn within CCSN package.
  • Information Gathering and Scanning - Enumeration using various Backtrack Tools
  • Privacy is the number one issue facing by internet users. You will learn to use Proxy Servers, Anonymity Techniques, Various Tools, Tunneling & VPN usage and Concepts.
  • Email Hacking & Social Engineering - If you ever wonder how hackers actually hack into any email account? This Lesson is going to give each and every possible solution of this Question.
  • Cryptography and Encryption Basics, Understanding various Hashes and Encryption Algorithms and various password cracking techniques.
  • Camp will include various types techniques that can be used to Hack a System, Cracking system password, Using Stealers, Key loggers and Remote Administrations Tools (RATs) and Creating Undetectable Viruses using Crypters, Binders and Assembly Codes.
  • Web Application Hacking using - Advance SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion (LFI), Remote File Inclusion (RFI), Parameter Manipulation, Session and Cookies Hijacking, Click Jacking, Shell Injection, Brute force Attacks against Website login pages.
  • Server Hacking via Rooting Servers, Remote Code Execution, Buffers Overflows, Brute force against Servers, Using Dos, DDos and Creating Botnets, Using various Exploits and Exploits Databases.
  • Understanding Wireshark, Cain & Abel and TCP Dump, Man in the middle attacks, Router Hacking, Sniffing Data and Passwords, ARP , DNS, DHCP Spoofing attacks, DNS poising , DOS attack against an IP address, Flood the LAN with random MAC addresses, Packet Injection.
  • In labs of this lesson a CCSN student will learn practically to crack Wireless Encryptions and Prevention Techniques. The Complete Demonstration will have various real World scenarios to clear the Advantages of Wireless Hacking.
  • Using Wikto, Nessus , skipfish, w3af, SQLmap Websecurify for vulnerability Scanning and ExploitingII. Wordpress-scan , Drupal scan, Joomscan, cms-explorer for CMS Hacking and Pen-testing.
  • Using Metasploit Framework for Exploitation, Websploit, SET, Fast-Track SQL Pwnage, Winautopwn for various System/Network/web Attacks.
  • Using IP tables and Firewalls Policies to Protect Network/ System, Installing and Configuring Honeypots to trap hackers, Installing and Configuring IDS (Intrusion Detection System).
  • Computer Forensics and Incident Management.
Prerequisites : Dedication! Because Rest base programming and other things Students will learn within CCSN package.

Course Date
21th May 2012
No. of Seats
Course Duration
15 Days (6 Hours/Day)
Who can join this Course
Students, Professionals, Programmers, Developers, Security Enthusiasts

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