The Hacker News (THN) 1st Anniversary Celebration
The Hacker News
It has been a wonderful "HACK" filled year as we disseminated security and hacking information around the world. We are grateful for our loyal readership and welcome new readers and contributors.

Let's face it. Hacking isn't going away and growing security concerns are an issue we all need to stay on top of. Being informed about the latest and newest in security measures and the work of hackers to break into these means is a global issue with tremendous consequences.

Hacking and security violations affect us all. Not only big corporations which store your information but the health and welfare of your personal PC's.

The Hacker news has tracked the events of the last year and we are amazed and the talent and finesse of techy people who can break into the most complicated and sophisticated systems. You can depend on us for breaking news in the area of computer security. Keep reading and keep checking our daily web news.

In case you did not know, The Hacker News (THN), first established in 2010, has become a leading resource in providing information and resources to security experts and hackers worldwide. Initially begun as a Cyber-Awareness Program, The Hacker News has evolved to work closely with and within the cyber security communities in an effort to make the internet more secure. We have worked with various organizations to manage their security risks and secure their infrastructure by analyzing, designing and implementing the best cost-effective security processes.

In addition to providing up-to-date news and resources, The Hacker News now provides Ethical Hacking Training, Workshops, Seminars, Security Testing Services and Security Certifications at our on-ground institution in India. This customized and rigorous program offers comprehensive practical and advanced training which can open up a broad spectrum of career opportunities in the international IT security market.
The Hacker News

THN is dedicated to making your learning a valuable experience by enhancing the depth of your knowledge through real-time, hands-on work experience. Guided by a team of professionals and faculty, you will be faced with real IT-related problems and scenarios. These valuable skills will help pave the way for your success in the field of information security.

We believe that knowledge grows when shared. We want to share it all with you.
Thanks for a GREAT year! Here's to our next……….

Mohit Kumar,
Founder & CEO @ THN

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