Bleeding Life 2 Exploit Pack Released
The Hacker News
Black Hat Academy releases Bleeding Life 2 exploit pack. This is an exploit pack that affects Windows-based web browsers via Adobe and Java. You can read all about it, and download it for yourself. Statistics are kept based on exploit, browser, and OS version.





  • Advanced Statistical Information
  • Stylish Progress Bars
  • Full User-Friendly Admin Panel
  • Referer Stats
  • Secure Panel - Login/Logout
  • Ability To Set and Save Passwords On Panel
  • Ability To Allow Guest Access - Guest Can Only View Stats Page, Clicking and Other Pages Disabled.
  • Ability To Add and/or Remove Exploits Used
  • Ability To Add Scan4You Credentials For Built-In Scanner Use
  • Ability To Filter Browsers
  • Ability To Filter Operating Systems
  • Attempt To Detect and Filter HTTP Proxies
  • Ability To Blacklist by IP/Range
  • Ability To Import Blacklist
  • On Panel Built In Scanner
  • Ability To Upload Payload From Panel
  • Payload Statistical Information - MD5, Size, SHA1
  • Ability To Generate iFrame On Panel / Encrypted
  • Ability To Domain Check/Scan On Panel

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