Let's Play a Game of Cyber Security at CSAW CTF 2011
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Ready for a little game of capture the flag? What if you weren't running around a field like a crazy person trying to grab a flag out of someone's belt, but instead were navigating around a network overcoming technical challenges to find markers that you are awarded points for once submitted? Then CSAW CTF 2011 is where it's at.

CSAW CTF 2011 is hosting the qualifying round from Friday September 23, 2011 to Sunday September 25, 2011. The competition will begin at 8PM that Friday night, and is used to determine who will proceed on to the finals taking place in New York November 10-11 at NYU-Poly. The event is centered on assessing application security abilities. For the qualification round there is no limit to the number of team members you can have, but if you move on to the final round your team will be limited to four players.

If you attend the event you'll have the chance to rub elbows with anyone and everyone interested in cyber security; the CSAW website describes it as, "the best of the best, from high school students to PhD candidates, will be found at CSAW, engaged in a fierce, two-day event guaranteed to thrill".

And if that's not enough to peak your interest, now would be a good time to mention that Kaspersky Lab is joining forces with NYU-Poly and presenting their "IT Security for the Next Generation" Convention at CSAW. But nothing comes without a little elbow grease. Prospective attendees have to turn in research on "cyber security" by October 10, 2011. If picked, they will then have to present their research. The kicker? If you win you will be invited to attend the 2012 Kaspersky International Cup of the IT Security Conference for Young Professionals. Oh and it's in Europe. And there are cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. No big deal, right?

"By partnering with NYU-Poly, we're able to tap into the minds of the young researchers of tomorrow and foster communication and collaboration with the experts of today. We've had great international success and are excited for Kaspersky Lab to bring this program to North America's brightest academia," Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, said in regards to the upcoming event.

So if you're ready to mix and mingle and talk all things cyber security, plus have a little fun and potentially win a little money and free entry to the 2012 conference, well, this is the convention for you.

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This is a guest post from Laura Backes, she enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet providers in my area. You can reach her at: laurabackes8 @ gmail.com.

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