Wi-Fi Challenge by Security Tube !

1. Objective:
This series of challenges is aimed at testing your skills as a Wireless Hacker! We will posting challenges ranging from - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Insane levels!

Our first challenge remain uncracked which we categorized as "Basic" :)

Challenge 1: https://www.securitytube.net/video/1856
Challenge 1 Solution: https://www.securitytube.net/video/1859

Just posted Challenge 2 : https://www.securitytube.net/video/1862

Which still remains uncracked!

2. Prizes:
All Expert and above challenges will have prizes which will be announced in the challenge video.

Any level below that qualifies for a prize automatically if unsolved for 24 hours. Challenge 2 is currently unsolved for 21 hours! :) Prize will be an Alfa Networks Wireless card if this remains unsolved for 3 more! So hurry up and participate to win!

3. Joining the Competition:
Just go to the Challenge 2 URL above, download the trace file on the page, watch the 5 minute video and get started!! You will need a Gmail ID to post comments on our site.

Here is our facebook page for more updates and comments

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