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Unknown Exploit Kit (Crimeware) leaked, Available for Download !

Unknown Exploit Kit (Crimeware) leaked, Available for Download !

Another New Exploit kit is now in Black Market called Unknown Exploit Kit or Mushroom Exploit Kit . After The Public Release of Source code of ZeuS Botnet Version: , THN also provide Crimepack 3.1.3 Exploit kit &  26 more Underground Hacking Exploit Kits for Download and Research.

Now 1st Public Release of Spanish version of Unknown Exploit Kit is here...

This kit offers the following exploits:
MDAC, SpreadSheet, SnapShot, Aurora, CSSClip, IEPeers, PDF LibTiff, PDF GetIcon, PDF CollectEmail, JAVA, Shockwave, and AOL.

Screenshots :

Download Links :

Note : The Public Release of these kits are only for Educational and Research Purpose Only. May this help Antivirus and Security Companies to Analyse and develop advance Security wares. Thanks.

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