The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.3.2 , New version Download !

The Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) is a python-driven suite of custom tools which solely focuses on attacking the human element of penetration testing. It's main purpose is to augment and simulate social-engineering attacks and allow the tester to effectively test how a targeted attack may succeed.

This is the change log:

  • Added a new feature to the SET interactive shell, grabsystem. Will allow you to elevate permissions on victi machine. Does not work on XP SP2 and below.
  • Fixed a bug where if grabsystem was called on with UAC bypass, the UAC-Safe shell would hang
  • Added better error handling of sockets and addresses in the socket handlers in the interactive shell
  • Updated the code base in the shell.binary to add the new grabsystem and add better error handling
  • Added default handling if listener port was nothing, defaults to port 443 now
  • Fixed a bug in how third party handlers responded to certain character sets
  • Slowly moving to method as it's proper and easier than sys.path.append

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