Hydra v6.2 with a password bruteforcing mode, xmpp and irc modules, MD5/SHA1/ Support !

 A very fast network logon cracker which support many different services.
 Have a look at the feature sets and services coverage page - including a speed comparison against ncrack and medusa! 

        * Added a patch by Jan Dlabal which adds password generation bruteforcing (no more password files :-) )
        * New module: XMPP with TLS negotiation and LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, SCRAM-SHA1 support
        * New module: IRC is not dead ! use to find general server password and /oper credential
        * Added man pages from debian maintainers
        * Add support for new syntax:
        * Add TLS support for SIP
        * Add SCRAM-SHA1 auth to IMAP module
        * Add module usage help (-U)
        * Add support for RFC 4013: Internationalized Strings in SASL ("SASLPrep")
        * Add SASL + TLS support for NNTP
        * Add support for CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 auth to ldap module
        * Add support for SCRAM-SHA1 (RFC 5802), first auth cracker to support it, yeah
        * Add TLS negotiation support for smtp-auth, pop3, imap, ftp and ldap
        * Rename smtpauth module to smtp
        * Forgot to rename ssh2 to ssh in xhydra, fixed
        * Fix SASL PLAIN auth method issue
        * Bugfix SASL DIGEST-MD5, response could be wrong on 64bits systems
        * Bugfix rlogin and rsh module, some auth failure could not be detected accurately
        * Add SSL support for VMware Authentication Daemon module
        * Bugfix CVS module, working now
        * Bugfix for Telnet module when line mode is not available


 (1) Target selection

 (2) Login/Password setup

 (3) Hydra start and output

 The Art of Downloading: Source and Binaries
 1. The source code of state-of-the-art Hydra: hydra-6.2-src.tar.gz
    (compiles on all UNIX based platforms - even MacOS X, Cygwin on Windows, ARM-Linux, etc.)

 2. The source code of the stable tree of Hydra in case v6 gives you problems on unusual platforms:
 3. The Win32/Cywin binary release: --- not anymore ---
    Install cygwin from https://www.cygwin.com
    and compile it yourself. If you do not have cygwin installed - how
    do you think you will do proper securiy testing? duh ...

        4. ARM and Palm binaries here are old and not longer maintained:
      ARM:  hydra-5.0-arm.tar.gz
             Palm: hydra-4.6-palm.zip

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