"TeaM DNA StuXnet Shell v1.0" is ripped copy of "Predator Shell" !
"TeaM DNA StuXnet" have submit us a shell named "TeaM DNA StuXnet Shell v1.0" to publish as news, They claimed that this is a news and original shell. Shell is created by "Cyb3r Ac3" . We request Pakistan Cyber Army (Real PCA is Reality) for some research on a new shell posted by "TeaM DNA StuXnet". Finally we got whole report that The "TeaM DNA StuXnet Shell v1.0" is 100% ripped copy of "Predator Shell" Written by "LoFFi & Ls01r" who are said to be some "Russian" freaks.They just find and replace "color=#888888" with "color=#0961d9" .The best part about this shell is "LoFFi & Ls01r" also ripped another shell named "crashblack a.k.a vi0ne" an Indonesian hacker who wrote the shell named "System Shell". "LoFFi & Ls01r" translate the language in english, add some GUI modifications to the shell, adding a form and indent some of the code lines to help the n00bz work. Screenshots are attached for the references

Pakistan Cyber Army (Real PCA is Reality) is on "Mission Xposed" we want you to write something great. Words from PCA "Stop cheating and claiming start studying and writing. We are from the past - We are working in present - We are eyeing the future".

ScreenShots :
1.) Crash and predator code indenting
2.) Crash and predator Gui Modification
3.) Crash and predator
4.) predator vs StuXnet Shell
5.) predator vs StuXnet Shell2
6.) predator vs StuXnet Shell3
7.) predator vs StuXnet Shell4

Download Shells :

A) Crashblack system shell.php - Click Here

B) Predator.php - Click Here

C) StuXnet Shell .php - Click Here

*Special Thanks to Pakistan Cyber Army (Real PCA is Reality)

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