Free the Top 5 Cookie Managers are , We hope iif you have any other free better known Cookie Managers help us contribute to the list.

1) Cookienator 2.5.32

Cookienator is a tool that will help you remain anonymous from search engines such as Google and other notorious web-usage trackers such as Doubleclick or Omniture.
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Many websites install cookies in your browser, and these little bits of tracking data will be used to identify you for as long as you keep using your computer. In the past few years I have been alternating between religiously clearing my cookies from time to time, or neglecting to do so with hope that these corporations will live up to their vague promises of doing no evil.

Then I decided that it'd be more productive to automate the whole thing, so I spent a good chunk of a weekend creating the first version of Cookienator, a simple program that will leave most of your cookies alone but will remove the ones that put your privacy at risk.

It lets users delete evil tracking cookies. O/S: XP/Vista and File size: 647 kb

Download Cookienator 2.5.32 here

2) IECookiesView 1.74

It displays all cookies that Internet Explorer stores.

IECookiesView is a small utility that displays the details of all cookies that Internet Explorer stores on your computer. In addition, It allows you to do the following actions:
Sort the cookies list by any column you want, by clicking the column header. A second click sorts the column in descending order.
Find a cookie in the list by specifying the name of the Web site.
Select and delete the unwanted cookies.
Save the cookies to a readable text file.
Copy cookie information into the clipboard.
Automatically refresh the cookies list when a Web site sends you a cookie.
Display the cookies of other users and from other computers.
Open the IECookiesView utility directly from Internet Explorer toolbar.
Change the content of a cookie !
Export your cookies to Netscape/Mozilla cookies file.
Block specific Web sites from using cookies through the cookies blocking mechanism of Internet Explorer 6.0.

O/S: Win (All) and File size: 94 kb

Download IECookiesView 1.74 here

3) LockJar 2.1

It lets users manage their cookie intake.

LockJar gives you total control over the Internet browser cookies that are placed on your machine. Cookies on the Internet are an inevitability and useful in most cases… but Lockjar allows you to decide which cookies you want to keep. The program basically watches your Cookies directory (usually C:WindowsCookies) and interrogates any changes made to it. It brakes cookie types down into three distinct categories: SpyCookies (may use tracking to gather demographics and othe statistics), Suspects, and Edible. The program comes with several known SpyCookies in the database, however you can designate any new cookie into one of the 3 categories yourself. SpyCookies will be delete on arrival, Suspects are kept for further inspection and Edibles will be allowed.

O/S: Win (All) and File size: 5153 kb

Downlaod LockJar 2.1 here

4) Cookie Monster 3.47

It lets users manage browser cookies from a single location.

This utility is a manager for the cookies created by the most usual Windows browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera (only basic support for this one). It also works with any Gecko-based browser and most of the browsers based in Internet Explorer. You can set a list with the cookies that you want to protect and then delete the remaining ones with a simple mouse click (all the browsers at the same time). It also have the option of detecting the cookies for the sites included in your favorites and/or bookmarks.

O/S: Win (All) and File size: 672 kb

Download Cookie Monster 3.47 here

5) Cookie Jar 1.01 -

It lets users manage their cookies by sorting them (i.e., to keep or delete cookies).

Cookies present a dilemma. On one hand, chances are you want to accept cookies from some sites (for such functionality as saving login information). On the other hand, so many sites write cookies to your hard drive that you'll probably want to delete them every now and then. Cookie Jar lets you keep the cookies you want and delete the cookies you don't want. Simply sort cookies into Allowed and Banned (or Undecided) jars. Cookie Jar can then be set to run when Windows starts up and delete all Banned and/or Undecided cookies, leaving the Allowed ones alone.

O/S: Win (All) and File size: 68 kb

Download Cookie Jar 1.01 here
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