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Adaptive Security Analyzer IIS or the ASA IIS protects Windows-based web servers from known and unknown vulnerabilities like
  • Directory Traversal,
  • Buffer Overflow,
  • Parser Evasion,
  • High-bit Shellcode,
  • Remote Data Services,
In addition to the above, it also protects them from various types of internal system misuse. ASA IIS is comprised of two key components. The first is implemented as an ISAPI filter which collects and feeds data to the Adaptive Security Engine (ASE). Leveraging a breakthrough combination of applied mathematic and cybernetic approaches that enable machine learning and analysis of the network security information, ASE continuously monitors the vital aspects of IIS operation. ASE detects abnormal requests and other unusual traffic enabling ASA IIS to prevent any type of activity which could be harmful to the network.

We are also testing this tool in our test environment. We think that it will be very useful for small organizations to be protected form various vulnerabilities.
Download Adaptive Security Analyzer IIS v2 here
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