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BHIM App — How to Send & Receive Money with UPI

BHIM App — How to Send & Receive Money with UPI

Jan 03, 2017
After the lack of supply of cash in India following its Prime Minister step to remove high-denomination banknotes from circulation in November 2016, the country is moving a step closer towards becoming a cashless economy with the launch of Unified Payment Interface ( UPI ). Unified Payment Interface ( UPI ) allows all bank account holders to pay money from their smartphones, both online and offline, without the need to enter credit card details, IFSC code, or net banking userID/passwords. All the users need to do is create a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) of their choice, which will act as their financial address, and link it to their bank account. Now in an effort to boost the adoption of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) as a tool for digital transactions, Indian Government has recently launched a new app called, the Bharat Interface for Money ( BHIM ) app . This new digital payments app, which is believed to be a game-changer for cashless payments in India, is currently av
Tesco Bank Hacked — Cyber Fraudsters Stole Money From 20,000 Accounts

Tesco Bank Hacked — Cyber Fraudsters Stole Money From 20,000 Accounts

Nov 07, 2016
Almost 20,000 Tesco Bank customers have had their money stolen from their accounts after the banking arm of UK's biggest retailer fall victim to a hacking attack this weekend. As a result of the hack, Tesco Bank has frozen online transactions in an attempt to protect its customers from, what it described as, the " online criminal activity. " However, customers can still use their debit and credit cards for cash withdrawals and card-based payments. Tesco Bank has not disclosed any details of the cyber attack or how accounts had been compromised, but Benny Higgins, chief executive of Tesco, confirmed that the hack affected 40,000 of its 136,000 accounts, half of which had already been used to withdraw money fraudulently over the weekend. The bank would not disclose the total amount stolen from the accounts, but confirmed that the amount stolen was a " big number but not a huge number. " If you have been affected by this incident, don't worry! Higgins has apo
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Researcher warns about Security Loopholes in Denmark's Largest Bank

Researcher warns about Security Loopholes in Denmark's Largest Bank

Oct 06, 2015
While accessing your Bank account online, Have you ever thought… ...there could be a Hacker, somewhere in the World, who is after your Money? Maybe NO . Because, you believe that your bank offers Secure banking solution, Right? At The Hacker News, we have reported many incidents of cyber attacks , which proves that Banks are more often being targeted by Hackers, despite robust Banking Security mechanisms. Today we are going to talk about security of one of the  Denmark's Largest Bank , reviewed by Sijmen Ruwhof , an Ethical Hacker, and IT Security Consultant. Ruwhof recently published a blog post, " How I could Hack Internet Bank accounts of Danish Largest Bank in a few minutes ". His In-depth technical post explains the extent to which Danske Bank , one of the largest Danish Bank, is vulnerable to hacking. In August, Ruwhof got intrigued with the idea of testing Bank's security while interacting with a group of Danish hackers at the Chaos Communica
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