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Hands-On Review: Converged Networking and Security with Cato Networks

Hands-On Review: Converged Networking and Security with Cato Networks

May 08, 2017
Nobody likes to do router and firewall management. It often requires a lot of hard labor just keeping the infrastructure up and running. If you ever had to set up IPsec tunnels between different firewall brands, change a firewall rule and hope nothing breaks, upgrade to the latest software or urgently patch a vulnerability – you know what I am talking about. All of these issues have been with us basically forever. Recently, the list of complex tasks extended to getting cloud infrastructure connected to the rest of the network, and secure access for mobile users. There seems to be a change coming to this key part of IT, a silver lining if you will. We decided to take a look at one solution to this problem – the Cato Cloud from Cato Networks. Founded in 2015, Cato Networks provides a software-defined and cloud-based secure enterprise network that connects all locations, people and data to the Cato Cloud – a single, global, and secure network. Cato promises to simplify netwo
NSA Releases Open Source Network Security Tool for Linux

NSA Releases Open Source Network Security Tool for Linux

Jul 17, 2015
The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has released a network security tool for Government and the private sectors to help secure their networks against cyber attacks. Dubbed Systems Integrity Management Platform (SIMP) , the tool is now publicly available on the popular source code sharing website GitHub . According to an official release from NSA, SIMP makes it easier for government organizations and the private sector to "fortify their networks against cyber threats." SIMP aims at providing a reasonable combination of security compliance and operational flexibility , keeping networked systems compliant with security standards and requirements. It is considered to be a critical part of a layered, "defence-in-depth" approach to information security. " By releasing SIMP, the agency seeks to reduce duplication of effort and promote greater collaboration within the community: The wheel would not have to be reinvented for every organiza
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How to perform Forensic Analysis using Log Data

How to perform Forensic Analysis using Log Data

Mar 18, 2015
An often overlooked feature of log management software is the ability to conduct forensic analysis of historical events. If your network goes down, your network monitoring tool can tell you what happened, but knowing why it happened is even more valuable. SolarWinds Log & Event Manager has cutting-edge IT search for fast and easy forensic analysis. Here are six ways that the forensic analysis feature of Log & Event Manager can help you piece together what really happened. You can download a free, fully functional 30-day trial of Log & Event Manager from here. 1) ID file changes When collecting logs, you're going to see millions of file changes. How do you know which ones to isolate? It's best to isolate file changes against critical files (protected docs, financial information, personal documents, HR records, etc.). Look at file changes from a forensic approach to determine if suspicious activity has occurred. Often times, a virus will affect file attrib
How to Diagnose Network Fault with Log & Event Manager

How to Diagnose Network Fault with Log & Event Manager

Feb 18, 2015
Diagnosing network fault is one of the toughest questions for an IT Pro to answer because there is no single or best way. IT infrastructures are multi-layered and integrate many different systems which makes identifying the cause of network fault a difficult task. At a high level, the process of handling a fault breaks down into four steps: Find it Fix it Diagnose the root cause Prevent the fault from happening again A highly recommended solution to make fault identification and prevention simple is using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology. The log and event analysis features of a SIEM can provide a comprehensive strategy for fault diagnosis and prevention. SolarWinds Log & Event Manager is a fully-functional SIEM designed to make diagnosing network fault a quick and easy task. Log & Event Manager automates collecting, analyzing, and diagnosing log data to help you find, fix, diagnose, and prevent network fault. You can downloa
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