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Apache Struts 2 Flaws Affect Multiple Cisco Products

Apache Struts 2 Flaws Affect Multiple Cisco Products

Sep 12, 2017
After Equifax massive data breach that was believed to be caused due to a vulnerability in Apache Struts , Cisco has initiated an investigation into its products that incorporate a version of the popular Apache Struts2 web application framework. Apache Struts is a free, open-source MVC framework for developing web applications in the Java programming language, and used by 65 percent of the Fortune 100 companies, including Lockheed Martin, Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic, and the IRS. However, the popular open-source software package was recently found affected by multiple vulnerabilities, including two remote code execution vulnerabilities—one discovered earlier this month, and another in March—one of which is believed to be used to breach personal data of over 143 million Equifax users . Some of Cisco products including its Digital Media Manager, MXE 3500 Series Media Experience Engines, Network Performance Analysis, Hosted Collaboration Solution for Contact Center, and Unified C
Cisco finds new Zero-Day Exploit linked to NSA Hackers

Cisco finds new Zero-Day Exploit linked to NSA Hackers

Sep 20, 2016
Network equipment vendor Cisco is finally warning its customers of another zero-day vulnerability the company discovered in the trove of NSA's hacking exploits and implants leaked by the group calling itself " The Shadow Brokers ." Last month, the Shadow Brokers published firewall exploits, implants, and hacking tools allegedly stolen from the NSA's Equation Group, which was designed to target major vendors including, Cisco, Juniper, and Fortinet. A hacking exploit, dubbed ExtraBacon , leveraged a zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2016-6366) resided in the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) code of Cisco ASA software that could allow remote attackers to cause a reload of the affected system or execute malicious code. Now Cisco has found another zero-day exploit , dubbed "Benigncertain," which targets PIX firewalls. Cisco analyzed the exploit and noted that it had not identified any new flaws related to this exploit in its current products. But,
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Russians selling access to private company servers in just $4

Russians selling access to private company servers in just $4

Oct 22, 2012
We have already seen vulnerability in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a potential dangers of desktop remote-access tools commonly used by IT departments to handle help-desk issues and by administrators to manage virtualized machines. According to reports from krebsonsecurity, A Russian company called " dedicated express " ( Dedicatexpress.com ) is selling access to private company servers for as little as $4. Cyber criminals have hacked around 17,000 computers worldwide using such insecure applications in server and selling them in underground markets. Although almost 300,000 compromised systems have passed through this service since its inception in early 2010. New customers who contact the service's owner via instant message and pay a $20 registration fee via WebMoney, a virtual currency. The price of any hacked server is calculated based on several qualities, including the speed of its processor and the number of processor cores, the machine's download and up
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