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Microsoft Warns of New Phishing Campaign Targeting Corporations via Teams Messages

Microsoft Warns of New Phishing Campaign Targeting Corporations via Teams Messages

Sep 13, 2023 Cyber Attack / Malware
Microsoft is warning of a new phishing campaign undertaken by an initial access broker that involves using Teams messages as lures to infiltrate corporate networks. The tech giant's Threat Intelligence team is tracking the cluster under the name  Storm-0324 , which is also known by the monikers TA543 and Sagrid. "Beginning in July 2023, Storm-0324 was observed distributing payloads using an open-source tool to send phishing lures through Microsoft Teams chats," the company  said , adding the development marks a shift from using email-based initial infection vectors for initial access. Storm-0324 operates in the cybercriminal economy as a payload distributor, offering a service that allows for the propagation of  various   payloads  using evasive infection chains. This includes a mix of downloaders, banking trojans, ransomware, and modular toolkits such as Nymaim, Gozi, TrickBot, IcedID, Gootkit, Dridex, Sage, GandCrab, and JSSLoader. Attack sequences mounted by the a
Researchers Disclose Unpatched Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Teams Software

Researchers Disclose Unpatched Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Teams Software

Dec 23, 2021
Microsoft said it won't be fixing or is pushing patches to a later date for three of the four security flaws uncovered in its Teams business communication platform earlier this March. The disclosure comes from Berlin-based cybersecurity firm Positive Security, which  found  that the implementation of the link preview feature was susceptible to a number of issues that could "allow accessing internal Microsoft services, spoofing the link preview, and, for Android users, leaking their IP address, and DoS'ing their Teams app/channels." Of the four vulnerabilities, Microsoft is said to have addressed only one that results in IP address leakage from Android devices, with the tech giant noting that a fix for the denial-of-service (DoS) flaw will be considered in a future version of the product. The issues were responsibly disclosed to the company on March 10, 2021. Chief among the flaws is a server-side request forgery ( SSRF ) vulnerability in the endpoint "/urlp
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How An Image Could've Let Attackers Hack Microsoft Teams Accounts

How An Image Could've Let Attackers Hack Microsoft Teams Accounts

Apr 27, 2020
Microsoft has patched a worm-like vulnerability in its Teams workplace video chat and collaboration platform that could have allowed attackers to take over an organization's entire roster of Teams accounts just by sending participants a malicious link to an innocent-looking image. The flaw, impacting both desktop and web versions of the app, was discovered by cybersecurity researchers at CyberArk. After the findings were responsibly disclosed on March 23, Microsoft patched the vulnerability in an update released on April 20. "Even if an attacker doesn't gather much information from a Teams' account, they could still use the account to traverse throughout an organization (just like a worm)," CyberArk's Omer Tsarfati said. "Eventually, the attacker could access all the data from your organization's Teams accounts — gathering confidential information, meetings and calendar information, competitive data, secrets, passwords, private information,
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