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Researchers Demonstrate How EDR and Antivirus Can Be Weaponized Against Users

Researchers Demonstrate How EDR and Antivirus Can Be Weaponized Against Users

Dec 12, 2022 Endpoint Detection / Data Security
High-severity security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in different endpoint detection and response (EDR) and antivirus (AV) products that could be exploited to turn them into data wipers. "This wiper runs with the permissions of an unprivileged user yet has the ability to wipe almost any file on a system, including system files, and make a computer completely unbootable," SafeBreach Labs researcher Or Yair  said . "It does all that without implementing code that touches the target files, making it fully undetectable." EDR software, by design, are capable of continually scanning a machine for potentially suspicious and malicious files, and taking appropriate action, such as deleting or quarantining them. The idea, in a nutshell, is to trick vulnerable security products into deleting legitimate files and directories on the system and render the machine inoperable by making use of specially crafted paths. This is achieved by taking advantage of what's ca
[Webinar and eBook]: Are You’re Getting The Best Value From Your EDR Solution?

[Webinar and eBook]: Are You're Getting The Best Value From Your EDR Solution?

Oct 28, 2020
Many companies rely on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions as their primary security tool to protect their organizations against cyber threats. EDR was introduced around eight years ago, and analysts now peg the EDR market size as $1.5 to $2.0 billion in annual revenue globally, expecting it to quadruple over the next five years. The recent introduction of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions, however, will certainly cut into a significant portion of that spend. A new provocative eBook: " 5 Questions to Determine: Is Your EDR Providing the Best Bang for Your Buck?"  ( Download here ) helps security executives who currently use an EDR solution determine if they're continuing to get their "bang for the buck" from their EDR provider when compared to newer, equally-priced technologies as XDR. It's also an excellent resource for companies who are in the steps of choosing an EDR solution to deploy. A live webinar around the same topic wi
Cybersecurity Tactics FinServ Institutions Can Bank On in 2024

Cybersecurity Tactics FinServ Institutions Can Bank On in 2024

Feb 14, 2024Financial Security / Cyber Threats
The landscape of cybersecurity in financial services is undergoing a rapid transformation. Cybercriminals are exploiting advanced technologies and methodologies, making traditional security measures obsolete. The challenges are compounded for community banks that must safeguard sensitive financial data against the same level of sophisticated threats as larger institutions, but often with more limited resources. The FinServ Threat Landscape Recent trends show an alarming increase in sophisticated cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals now deploy advanced techniques like deep fake technology and AI-powered attacks, making it increasingly difficult for banks to differentiate between legitimate and malicious activities. These developments necessitate a shift towards more sophisticated and adaptive cybersecurity measures. Take these industry statistics, for example. Financial firms report 703 cyberattack attempts per week.1 On average, 270 attacks (entailing unauthorized access of data, appl
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