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Trojanized TOR Browser Installers Spreading Crypto-Stealing Clipper Malware

Trojanized TOR Browser Installers Spreading Crypto-Stealing Clipper Malware

Mar 29, 2023 Cryptocurrency / Malware
Trojanized installers for the TOR anonymity browser are being used to target users in Russia and Eastern Europe with  clipper malware  designed to siphon cryptocurrencies since September 2022. "Clipboard injectors [...] can be silent for years, show no network activity or any other signs of presence until the disastrous day when they replace a crypto wallet address," Vitaly Kamluk, director of global research and analysis team (GReAT) for APAC at Kaspersky,  said . Another notable aspect of clipper malware is that its nefarious functions are not triggered unless the clipboard data meets a specific criteria, making it more evasive. It's not immediately clear how the installers are distributed, but evidence points to the use of torrent downloads or some unknown third-party source since the Tor Project's website has been  subjected  to  blockades  in  Russia  in recent years. Regardless of the method used, the installer launches the legitimate executable, while als
Financially Motivated Threat Actor Strikes with New Ransomware and Clipper Malware

Financially Motivated Threat Actor Strikes with New Ransomware and Clipper Malware

Feb 15, 2023 Cryptocurrency / Ransomware
A new financially motivated campaign that commenced in December 2022 has seen the unidentified threat actor behind it deploying a novel ransomware strain dubbed MortalKombat and a clipper malware known as Laplas. Cisco Talos  said  it "observed the actor scanning the internet for victim machines with an exposed remote desktop protocol (RDP) port 3389." The attacks, per the cybersecurity company, primarily focuses on individuals, small businesses, and large organizations located in the U.S., and to a lesser extent in the U.K., Turkey, and the Philippines. The starting point that kicks off the multi-stage attack chain is a phishing email bearing a malicious ZIP file that's used as a pathway to deliver either the clipper or the ransomware. In addition to using cryptocurrency-themed email lures impersonating CoinPayments, the threat actor is also known to erase infection markers in an attempt to cover its tracks. MortalKombat, first detected in January 2023, is capable
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