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Apple Opens Its Invite-Only Bug Bounty Program to All Researchers

Apple Opens Its Invite-Only Bug Bounty Program to All Researchers

Dec 20, 2019
As promised by Apple in August this year, the company today finally opened its bug bounty program to all security researchers, offering monetary rewards to anyone for reporting vulnerabilities in the iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and iCloud to the company. Since its launch three years ago, Apple's bug bounty program was open only for selected security researchers based on invitation and was only rewarded for reporting vulnerabilities in the iOS mobile operating system. However, speaking at a hacking conference in August this year, Ivan Krstić, head of Apple Security Engineering and Architecture at Apple, announced the company's upcoming extended bug bounty program which included three main highlights: an enormous increase in the maximum reward from $200,000 to $1.5 million, accepting bug reports for all of its operating systems and latest hardware, opening the program for all researchers. Now starting from today, all security researchers and hackers are
Apple will now pay hackers up to $1 million for reporting vulnerabilities

Apple will now pay hackers up to $1 million for reporting vulnerabilities

Aug 09, 2019
Apple has just updated the rules of its bug bounty program by announcing a few major changes during a briefing at the annual Black Hat security conference yesterday. One of the most attractive updates is… Apple has enormously increased the maximum reward for its bug bounty program from $200,000 to $1 million—that's by far the biggest bug bounty offered by any major tech company for reporting vulnerabilities in its products. The $1 million payouts will be rewarded for a severe deadly exploit—a zero-click kernel code execution vulnerability that enables complete, persistent control of a device's kernel. Less severe exploits will qualify for smaller payouts. What's more? From now onwards, Apple's bug bounty program is not just applicable for finding security vulnerabilities in the iOS mobile operating system, but also covers all of its operating systems, including macOS , watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and iCloud. Since its inception around three years ago, Apple
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Hack Apple & Get Paid up to $200,000 Bug Bounty Reward

Hack Apple & Get Paid up to $200,000 Bug Bounty Reward

Aug 05, 2016
So finally, Apple will pay you for your efforts of finding bugs in its products. While major technology companies, including Microsoft , Facebook and Google , have launched bug bounty programs over last few years to reward researchers and hackers who report vulnerabilities in their products, Apple remained a holdout. But, not now. On Thursday, Apple announced  at the Black Hat security conference that the company would be launching a bug bounty program starting this fall to pay outside security researchers and white hat hackers privately disclose security flaws in the company's products. How much is a vulnerability in Apple software worth? Any Guesses? It's up to $200,000 . Head of Apple security team, Ivan Krstic, said the company plans to offer rewards of up to $200,000 (£152,433) to researchers who report critical security vulnerabilities in certain Apple software. While that's certainly a sizable bounty reward — one of the highest rewards offered in co
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