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All Smartwatches are vulnerable to Hackers

All Smartwatches are vulnerable to Hackers

Jul 25, 2015
Do you own a Smartwatch ? If yes, then how safe it is? There are almost 100 percent chances that you own a vulnerable Smartwatch. Computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard is warning users of smartwatches including Apple Watch and Samsung Gear that their wearable devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks. In a study, HP's Fortify tested today's top 10 smartwatches for security features, such as basic data encryption, password protection and privacy concerns. The most shocking part of the study was that –  Not even a Single Smartwatch Found to be 100 percent Safe Security experts found that 100 percent of wearable devices contained at least one serious security vulnerability that could make the devices vulnerable to hackers. With the increase in the adoption of smartwatches, manufacturers need to pay closer attention to the customers' security because these wearable devices could potentially open doors to new threats to personal and sensitive informat
Smartwatch Hacked... Data Exchange with Smartphone Not So Secure

Smartwatch Hacked... Data Exchange with Smartphone Not So Secure

Dec 11, 2014
We are living in an era of smart devices that we sync with our smartphones and make our lives very simple and easy, but these smart devices that inter-operates with our phones could leave our important and personal data wide open to hackers and cybercriminals. Security researchers have demonstrated that the data sent between a Smartwatch and an Android smartphone is not too secure and could be a subject to brute force hacks by attackers to intercept and decode users' data, including everything from text messages to Google Hangout chats and Facebook conversations. Well this happens because the bluetooth communication between most Smartwatches and Android devices rely on a six-digit PIN code in order to transfer information between them in a secure manner. Six-digit Pin means approx one million possible keys, which can be easily brute-forced by attackers into exposing entire conversations in plain text. Researchers from the Romania-based security firm Bitdefender ca
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