As cyber threats keep on increasing in volume and sophistication, more and more organizations acknowledge that outsourcing their security operations to a 3rd-party service provider is a practice that makes the most sense.

To address this demand, managed security services providers (MSSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs) continuously search for the right products that would empower their teams to deliver high-quality and scalable services.

Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection platform offers a multitenant security solution for MSSP/MSP, providing automated, all-in-one products that include a robust SOAR layer, on top of attack prevention and detection. (Learn more about Cynet's partner program for MSPs and MSSPs here).

Service providers typically have a skilled security team at their disposal. The challenge is how to leverage this skill to serve as many customers as possible without compromising on the quality of the service. That makes each minute of each team member a precious resource.

As a result, when shortlisting security technologies, MSSP and MSP look for products that would enable their teams to deliver the most value with minimum operational investment.

Cynet 360's autonomous breach protection highlights:

  • All in one – single solution that includes EPP, EDR, MDR with additional SIEM and SOAR capabilities, empowering the MSSP/MSP team to master and deliver full breach protection across users, networks, and endpoints from one interface.
  • Multitenancy – easy and scalable service to multiple customers, running a dedicated Cynet instance for each and monitoring all from a central dashboard tailor-made for MSP/MSSP needs.
Tailored Security Policies for each Customer
Granular Site-level Alert Visibility
  • CyOps – 24/7 MDR services delivering alert monitoring, attack investigation, proactive threat hunting, and assistance in remote IR operations.
  • Inventory visibility – monitoring and control of all assets within the environment: machines, installed software, user accounts, and all related activity.
  • Rapid deployment – zero time to value with seamless distribution across thousands of endpoints within hours.
  • Partner enablement program – easy onboarding with continuous technical support and SE onboarding together with sales enablement collateral (decks, webinars, training materials, etc.)
  • Automated remediations – an end-to-end automation of the response process, from the root cause and impact analysis to active remediation of infected hosts, malicious files, C2C traffic, and compromised user accounts.

On top of optimizing existing MSSP\MSP operations, Cynet 360 multitenant architecture, high automation capabilities, and 24\7 MDR can enable any VAR or IT service provider to add security services to its portfolio.

Learn more on Cynet 360 for MSSP\MSP here.

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