We found a high concern for cybersecurity tactics and an increased awareness of the challenges that it brings.

This week, we shared lots of stories with our readers, and to help them in identifying the biggest malware threats to their online safety.

We are here with the outline of our last week stories, just in case you missed any of them (ICYMI).

We recommend you read the entire thing (just click 'Read More' because there's some valuable advice in there as well). Here's the list:

➢ How Hackers Can Hack Your Gmail Accounts?

Getting smarter in their phishing tactics, hackers have found out ways to fool Gmail's tight security system by bypassing its two-step verification.

Hackers are now using text messages and phone-based phishing attacks to circumvent Gmail's security and take over your Gmail accounts. — Read more.

➢ Not Just Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 Also Spy on You

Laughing at controversial data mining and privacy invasion features within Windows 10? Well, Windows 7 and 8 users should laugh no longer as Windows 10 spying is now headed their way too…

Microsoft has been criticized for installing latest updates onto Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers that indiscriminately upload users' data to Microsoft's servers, which might be a significant privacy concern for many users.

To check out and uninstall those creepy updates — Read more.

➢ Top Features Expected in Next iPhone Release

The new iPhones – likely called the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 7 – will be introduced at Apple's fall event on September 9, and the leaked photos highlighted its key new features:
  • Force Touch
  • A Larger FaceTime Camera
  • 4K Video Support

For the detailed explanation of these features — Read more.

➢ Six Teenagers Arrested for Using Lizard Squad's DDoS Tool

Six U.K. teenagers were arrested and then released on bail for using Lizard Squad DDoS attack tool and launching cyber attacks on several websites and online retail services.

Lizard Squad DDoS tool, popularly known as Lizard Stresser, was allegedly used for knocking down the largest online gaming networks – PlayStation Network and Xbox Live – last year — Read more.

➢ 26 Android Phone Models Shipped with Pre-Installed Spyware

The latest report from G Data claimed that more than two dozens of Android smartphones from popular handset manufacturers, including Xiaomi, Huawei, and Lenovo, have pre-installed spyware in the firmware that can not be removed without unlocking the phone.

The spyware, disguised as popular Android apps like Facebook and Google Drive, have the capability of listening in to telephone conversations, accessing the Internet, reading contacts, gallery and location data, installing unwanted apps, and many more.

For more details — Read more.

➢ Weaponized Drones Are Now Legal

Weaponized Drones Are Now Legal
After arguments over the Drones law, finally news came out, and the local police of North Dakota in the U.S. became the first state to get an approval of flying weaponized drones. — Read more.

➢ Critical OS X Flaw Grants Mac Keychain Access to Malware

Mac's DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE flaw got worse.

The privilege-escalation bug that was once used to circumvent security protections and install malware on Mac computers has now been upgraded to infect Mac OS X machines even after Apple fixed the issue last month.

The updated version of the same highly questionable Genieo installer is now accessing user's Mac OS X keychain without user's permission. For more details — Read more.

➢ Popular Baby Monitors Are Hackable

Baby monitors made parents' life a calmed one, as they could see and be with their toddlers while they were away working.

But, recent research showed results where baby monitors from several vendors were at risk of getting breached. US- CERT also alarmed about the flaws in these IoT devices. — Read more.

➢ Government Ruled: FBI to Get Warrant for Spying

The new policy announced Thursday by the US Department of Justice would now force the Federal law agencies to get a legal warrant to spy on cell phone users using "Stingrays" or "IMSI catchers."

Stingrays, which essentially mimic mobile phone tower, has been used by local police and federal authorities for years to track cell phones in countless investigations without obtaining the court order.

However, now under the new policy, the federal agencies will have to present their annual data revealing how many times they have used stingrays. — Read more.

➢ 'AppLock' Android App is Useless

AppLock is present on almost all the Android phone users, after the report by security researchers which depicts practical examples where you can see that you lived under the belief that the app is acting as promised.

But actually, it is lacking in offering essential security features. — Read more.

➢ Enjoy Faster and More Efficient Browsing Experience with 'Chrome 45.'

Google launched Chrome 45 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android last week that solves two major issues Chrome users came across:
  • Memory Consumption
  • Battery Consumption

Both the issues have been fixed in Chrome 45. So for your question: How to Fix Chrome Massive Memory Usage?

The Answer is — Simply Try 'Chrome 45'. For full details — Read more.

➢ Apple to Charge Your iPhones and Macbooks for Weeks

Apple is looking to fix the major problem its device users came across — short battery life.

According to a new patent filed by Apple for a 'fuel cell system', the technology giant is working on batteries that could Power its MacBooks and iPhones for days or even weeks without refueling.

Not just this, the new report also revealed that Apple is working closely with British firm Intelligent Energy to deploy a hydrogen fuel cell in iPhone 6 prototype announced this month. — Read more.

➢ Twitter Open Sources 'Diffy' that Automatically Catches Potential Bugs in Code

This came as joy to the software developers, as they can now use Diffy- a comparison based regression analysis tool now open source (that Twitter also uses) to differentiate between the new and the old codes programmer has written and eliminate the bugs in the code. — Read more.

➢ How to Hack Popular Belkin Wi-Fi Routers

This one is a serious issue for you to look upon. As, US-CERT prepared a list of vulnerabilities that tag along with the next generation Belkin routers.

The routers are so vulnerable that several severe cyber attacks like privilege escalation and man-in-the-middle attack are probable to happen.

In the end, the US advisory comes with mitigation procedures that you can follow. — Read more.

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