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When it comes to Information Security, there's a great way to learn, train and keep sharp your skills. This can be done using gamification mechanics to speed up the learning curve and improve retention rate. Capture The Flag competitions use gamification mechanics and represent one of the best ways to learn security hands on.

The Infosec team behind Capture The Flag platform CTF365 has created a place for hackers to play weekend CTFs with great prizes, called Hacker's Dome. In order to access the Hacker's Dome, you need is a registered and confirmed CTF365 account.

At Hacker's Dome CTF Platform users can deploy their own CTFs and can invite web developers, system administrators and security professionals to take hard challenges. Think RackSpace, of CTF Competitions.

Hacker's Dome - First Blood: First Blood is the first CTF and will start on May 17 2014 15:00 UTC and winners will win more than $6000 in prizes.

If Information Security gamification got your attention, then all you have to do is to get your Hacker's Dome Access and prepare for First Blood CTF.

Raffle prizes: All registered users on Hacker's Dome can participate on the raffle, and lucky participants can win 'Full Year Metasploit Pro License'. "The fact that Metasploit gave us the opportunity to run a raffle off such great King Prize, makes us proud of what we've done and it encourages us to keep up our good work." team said.

Give it a try! Registrations are open for Hacker's Dome and it could become your weekend IT Security trainer - where fun, entertainment and awesome prizes will be at its best. Stay secure while having fun.

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